“Campus News” A snapshot of the fun activities for teachers and students of Xilicun Junior High School in spring 2022

You are the April day of the world — xili Village Junior High School spring 2022 campus activities for teachers and students the most benefits of spring, the scenery is better than the campus.In spring, snow and ice melt and flowers bloom in a riot of colors.In this season full of vigor and vitality, in order to show the youth style of students, relieve the pressure of teachers and students do not rest on weekends.Xili Village junior Middle School launched a spring fun activities for teachers and students.In this activity, grade 6 held a small escape game — puzzle Lu Ban lock and I have a date with Spring — teachers and students photo activity.The seventh grade held a tug-of-war competition and the memory of revolutionary martyrs, inspiring the revitalization of China speech oath activities.The eighth grade held relay races and basketball matches, and there was also a table tennis match between teachers and students.All teachers and students actively participate in the youth dream, embrace infinite spring.Sixth graders style style style grade eight students in grade seven students skills competition between teachers and students painting copies out the newspaper the revolutionary martyrs passionate speech Express patriotic ambition solemnly swear action today as time went by, in imperceptible in elegant demeanour in rich activity flash.I hope students can get to know themselves and continue our life journey with good mood through this activity.

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