China’s role in the Ukraine crisis

In the Ukraine crisis, how will China assume its responsibilities as a major country?U.S. is pointed out that China is likely to use a crisis in Ukraine for fear their own things, such as maintaining our sovereignty and security, such as Taiwan directly, this is what some American general more worried, because if Ukraine conflict broke out, will contain the United States, the U.S. is to the east of China, China will take to solve the Taiwan issue,And even resolve the Issue of Nansha Islands.That’s why the U.S. military is worried about China, and some Western leaders are urging China to blame Russia.Saying such things just shows a lack of understanding of the relationship between China and Russia.First of all, China wants to solve the Taiwan issue and the Nansha Islands issue, which is a symbol of our sovereignty.If China wants to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity, this is a completely just cause and aboveboard thing.We will certainly be transparent in our strategy. Of course, there can be various ways in our campaign and tactics. But one thing is that we will not do things in a secretive way like the United States.On the other hand, for example, on the Question of Taiwan and the Nansha Islands, China will do its utmost to uphold justice and keep its heart on the matter. But if the other side still wants independence, China will not relent and will take all means to solve these problems once and for all.To understand China’s role in the Ukraine crisis, we first need to understand the nature of the crisis in Ukraine.The crisis in Ukraine was caused by the United States’ color revolution in Ukraine. As a result, Ukraine is now in disunity. Therefore, China firmly opposes the United States’ color revolution in Ukraine, which is our basic position.Since the United States is everywhere in the world with a watercolor pen to paint color, we need to oppose the United States this way of color revolution to mess up other countries.So what is the direct cause of the Ukrainian crisis?It was the United States that provoked Russia by supporting Ukraine and threatening NATO’s sixth eastward expansion to include Ukraine and Georgia, which led to the crisis between Russia and Ukraine.We need to know who did this?Isn’t it still America?The United States is using Ukraine to destabilize Russia, to contain Russia’s core interests and to contain Russia’s development. How could Russia not fight back?But we need to understand, what is the real intention of the United States?Is the US trying to maintain its global hegemony.In order to maintain global hegemony, the US needs to defeat the EU, Russia and China at the same time, which is the core and fundamental purpose of the US. The EU, Russia and China should not be allowed to fight together, cooperate with each other and achieve win-win results. This is the last thing the US wants.Therefore, the simplest way for the United States is to create conflicts between the EU, Russia and China. The more conflicts there are, the better for the United States. That is to destroy the cooperation among the three countries.We see now is the destruction of the relationship between Russia and the European Union, at the same time destroy the relationship between the eu and China, the United States does want to discord between Russia and China, but did not succeed in the United States, is the United States is hope to the relations between the European Union, Russia and China to confuse, screw up, let them form a hostile relationship between each other,This is in line with the actual interests of the United States, the United States can maintain its supremacy.What does China need to do?Two firm, two firm.It is our basic principle to firmly support Russia in safeguarding national security, firmly support the development of all-round relations with the EU, firmly oppose the US ‘provocations against China, and firmly oppose the US’ vassal states’ provocations against China.At the same time, China and Russia and the European Union to find the greatest common divisor, managed to unite the European Union, and want to find a way to firmly support the euro, firm against the dollar, against the United States kept thinking, adhere to multilateralism, multipolar world is the true embodiment of human destiny community, this is also China’s crisis in Ukraine should have a big bear.

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