Confidence is the power of learning

# Education Listen to me # Confidence is the source of power to do everything well.No matter what we do, without a firm confidence, we are afraid that we can do nothing well.The practice of the CPC leading the Chinese revolution fully illustrates this point.In the most difficult period of the Chinese revolution, whether it is “412” counter-revolutionary coup, or third counter-campaign against “encirclement and suppression” was forced to march, the communist party of China, especially comrade MAO zedong’s consistent with matchless self-confidence, consistently believe that the Chinese revolution must be able to win, consistently believe that the Chinese people will be able to stand up.In the kuomintang censored in the kuomintang aircraft artillery bombarded the only millet plus rifles, even only sword and spear of the red army, rob la seam allowance, crossing LiuPanShan, thousands of red army only thirty thousand, MAO zedong’s “qingping le. LiuPanShan q.are wrote:” the clear sky, looked away south sintex, not a true man unless he comes to the Great Wall, only twenty thousand.Liupanshan peak, red flag diffuse west wind, today in hand, when tied dragon?”The Long March: “The Red Army is not afraid of the expedition difficult, long march only leisurely.Wuling meandering teng small waves, Wumeng majestic walk mud pills.Jinsha water shot yunya warm, dadu bridge horizontal iron cold.More xi Minshan Li snow, after all the three armies.”What confidence!Facts have proved that in the face of such a party and such leaders, there is only one result in everything, that is defeat. The same is true of the Kuomintang, the Same is true of the American imperialists and their lackey dogs. The Korean War is the best illustration of this.For students, confidence is also very important, especially self-confidence, generally speaking, students with good self-confidence are better at learning.Without self-confidence, think oneself is not clever as others, of course, also do not go to work hard to study, results can be imagined.Students with low self-confidence tend to follow such a vicious cycle, eventually making their studies worse and worse until they are in a complete mess.As we all know, everyone has the same level of intelligence. There is a folk saying that “people’s minds are no more than rice millet.” How can there be such a big gap in people’s development?This is mainly the result of the influence of some non-quality psychological qualities, just like what we now call self-confidence, even if your intelligence level is higher than others, if you do not have self-confidence, you will not study well.Confidence, self-confidence is an important motivation for a student to learn, every student should believe that they are not worse than others, as long as their dedication, perseverance to study hard, will be able to continue to progress, get good results.

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