Ping Pong star to send blessings!Xu Xin Hou Premier League with a pair of children out of the camera, Ochara love sauce Chinese blessing

On China’s traditional Lunar New Year’s Eve, sports stars took the opportunity to pay New Year’s greetings to the nation.The Chinese table tennis team led by liu shiwen, Malone, Xu Xin, Chen Meng, FanZhenDong, Wang Man yu, Wang Chuqin, ambitious, Lin Liang Jingkun, to peng, Zhang Rui, Wang Yidi, Lin Shidong, Liu Huishan, KuaiMan, Chen Xingtong, Qian Tianyi, Arthur ter, Zhou Qihao, xiao-tong wang, He Zhuojia, Sun Yingsha filmed a video player.They wish everyone a happy and joyous Year of the Tiger.These players include some of the best players in China.We look forward to China Ping’s continued success in the New Year.Xu Xin, one of China’s most famous table tennis players, wrote on social media: “I wish you all a happy and prosperous Year of the Tiger, a New Year, good health and good luck in everything.”Xu Xin is also holding a paper fan, also on the top of the “Tiger tiger” four characters.At the same time, a photo of a family of four, wife Yao Yan holding their eldest son Xiaoxiao Snake, Xu Xin holding their youngest daughter.This should be the first time xu Xin’s daughter appears on camera.She wore glasses to protect her daughter’s privacy.A family of four sitting together is very festive.Country ping evergreen tree, Hou Premier Hou anchor also made a dynamic.He wished “everyone a happy New Year and a prosperous Year of the Tiger.”Hou anchor with Xu Xin, is also with a pair of children out of the camera.Hou anchor’s two children have a sense of the mirror, plus had a sense of joy hou anchor, three people together, that is beaming.This should be the first time that the majority of netizens see hou anchor’s sons and daughters.Chen meng also posts posts and pictures on social media platforms.Holding a large bunch of flowers, she left a message: “Spring Festival, countdown.”Big dream in the flower set off, more beautiful.Netizens left messages congratulating Chen.”Happy New Year, Chen Meng baby!We’ll fight with you again in the New Year.Come on baby!”Chen Meng has been under a lot of pressure since she won two important gold MEDALS in Tokyo.Hope the New Year Chen Meng good luck, more champions.Liu shiwen also posted two beautiful photos on her social media platform separately, with the message: “Happy New Year!”Liu shiwen held a cute puppy and dressed it in red.Liu shiwen was dressed in white fluffy clothes.How beautiful the dates are!Netizens also wished Xiao Zao a happy New Year.German soccer player Ocharov, a good friend of Chinese soccer fans, posted a video on Chinese social media to congratulate Chinese netizens.Ocha has set up accounts on Chinese social media platforms.”Hello, I’m Ocha, happy Year of the Tiger,” ocha said in Chinese.He wished his fans and friends in China a happy New Year.The Year of the Tiger is coming, and his favorite animal is the tiger.I believe it will be a special year.Ocha was wearing a red scarf.That’s a good understanding of Chinese culture.Japanese player Ai Fukuhara, liu’s close friend and a fan favorite in China, also sent her best wishes through a video message.”I wish you all a happy New Year.In 2022, I wish you all good health, happiness and good luck in the New Year.Come on, everyone!”Li Xiaoxia, grand champion of the Chinese Women’s Table Tennis team, sent her wishes: “The Year of tiger is coming. I wish you all a happy New Year, huhu is alive and well, and your family is happy and healthy!”Chinese men’s soccer star Wu Lei also sent his best wishes on social media.”Thank you to all the fans for always being there and I wish you a great year of the Tiger.”Although the national football team performance is not good, or hope that the majority of fans can continue to support the National football team, never abandon.It is our national team, after all.Finally, Xiang Chu also wish everyone a happy New Year, tiger Tiger live!I wish Chinese athletes a New Year of success!

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