There is always a moment of tears behind the “blitzkrieg” war of “epidemic”

Recently, good news came from the epidemic prevention and control work, as The community in Tianjin has been wiped out.Behind this, there are countless people’s hard work.In recent days, in order to make a good nucleic acid testing “blitzkrieg”, community workers, volunteers and residents of the district of Zhai Street gathered quickly, racing against time;The district government Affairs Office and the district Education and Sports Bureau took an active part in it, and numerous touching and tearful moments emerged, which hit everyone’s heart.Early in the morning of 20th, ren Baoqing, a retired soldier, drove to chaoyang Garden community Party-mass service center.As soon as he got out of the car, he quickly opened the trunk and moved things one by one.When the community worker saw what Master Ren was carrying, he quickly refused: “Master Ren, what are you doing?We can’t take these things.””It’s not something valuable, but something to eat. You do practical things and good things for our people. It’s the Spring Festival.”Master Ren, we appreciate your kindness, but we really can’t accept these.””No, you must accept these if you want to regard me as one of your own.”Master Ren said sternly, “During these nucleic acid tests, it was so cold that you stayed out for a whole day. Many of you caught cold.You work hard, eat more meat, good repair!””Thank you so much master Ren!”Chaoyang garden community said, “our work is still a lot of deficiencies, thank you for your understanding and tolerance, we will continue to work hard, do practical things for you to solve problems, become our people’s ‘own’!””Blue Friend’s ginger syrup is warm!”On January 20, the temperature plunged, the outdoor temperature as low as minus 5 degrees Celsius, in the nucleic acid testing “Baymax” on the protective masks were covered with ice, many people were shivering, had to jump in place.Although the weather is cold, but we still stick to the post, stick to their duties.In jianyangli community nucleic acid sampling site, several “Baymax” carrying insulation barrels came to the scene.”Hello, we are the fire rescue Brigade hangu firefighters, come to support the community nucleic acid detection work.”An official at the Hangu Fire Rescue brigade said, It is cold today, so we prepared ginger and sugar water to warm everyone up.”Blue Friend’s ginger syrup is warm!””Worthy of being a fireman, I can not only put out fires, but also deliver ‘fire’!”Drinking the ginger sugar water sent by the firefighters, the frozen bodies of the staff and volunteers were instantly “resurrected with blood”, and everyone gave a thumbs up for the warm heart action of the firefighters.”Come on, Tianjin!Tashi Delek!””Keep a meter apart, everyone!Everybody check if you have your ID cards.”At the nucleic acid sampling site in Huayangli community, Tibetan boy Jayong Zeding is reminding residents in non-standard Mandarin.As a grid member of the Zhaishang Street Grid Center, Jayong Zedin and his colleagues have been promoting epidemic prevention and control, promoting vaccination and supporting nucleic acid testing.Although very busy, but his face is always with a unique simple and honest smile.Unlike Jayong Zedin, Chuo Gartso, a Tibetan woman who works in the street land and planning office, shivered in a protective suit in the cold as she was responsible for information entry.Shortly after, Zhuo Garcuo, who had just taken a rest after changing his post, saw his colleagues preparing for household sampling and immediately signed up for it.”It’s so cold today,” said the optimistic girl with a smile. “For a while I felt that my hands were not my own.I’m going in with the others now, so I can stretch out and get warm.”Zhuo Gartso and Jayong Zeding expressed their best wishes for their adopted hometown in Tibetan, “Wish Tianjin an early victory over Omikron, come on Tianjin!Tashi Delek!”Source: Bincheng Times

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