What does it mean to go home?

As the end of the year approaches, more people travel.At the same time, there is an extra theory.Someone said, the old saying “seven not out, eight not back”, so the seventh day do not go out, the eighth day do not go home.Some people even seventeen eighteen.Twenty-seven, twenty-eight.In this regard, some people criticize that this is a feudal superstition, is the ancestors shed harmful dross.Neither is true.Seven out, eight out.This is indeed the teaching words handed down from our ancestors.The correct explanation goes something like this: no seven.It’s about seven things you can’t do before you leave the house.These seven things are: firewood.Rice. Oil. Salt. Sauce.Vinegar. Tea, namely open the door seven things that we say normally.Before the people who go out are often the head of the family, is the backbone of a family, so we must arrange the life of the home to go out.8 don’t come home.It’s about not going home until you’ve done eight things.These eight things are: filial piety.Fraternal loyalty. Faithfulness. Courtesy.Righteousness. Incorruptibility. Shame.These are the eight basic moral principles of the ancients. If you violate any of them, you are sorry to your ancestors and have no face to your family.China’s 5,000-year civilization is extensive and profound. Every old saying that has been handed down has its own profound meaning. It should not be labeled as a feudal superstition and beaten to death.More can not belittle oneself, forget the lessons of ancestors.The saying “seven not to go out and eight not to return home” comes from tujia nationality: taboo culture has a long history in China.This culture is also different due to regional and ethnic differences, and the taboos in the production and life of the tujia people deep in the inland are an epitome of it.In their production activities, the Tujia people endowed a mysterious connotation to some ununderstood natural and humanistic phenomena.This mysterious connotation has become taboo in the production and life of the Tujia people.Agriculture was dominant in The Tujia region, so some taboos related to agricultural production were formed.For example, in the Qingming Festival, start of Summer, April 8 is strictly prohibited to use cattle, cattle to rest, otherwise the cattle will get sick, affecting agricultural production.At the same time, there are a lot of taboos about farming.Such as “Yang cock” do not farm.Every “wu” does not work in the field, because “wu” and “mistake” homonym, that is, every “wu” work is suspected of hindering the growth of crops.Tujia people also have many taboos when feeding livestock.When raising livestock such as pigs and cattle, tujia people should look at their physical appearance.If the pig has inverted spin and five claws are not raised.Buffalo females with five milks are also taboo.Because of the proverb “five cream, the death of a loser” people have to stay away from it.In the Tujia region, people are very important to feng shui, there are a lot of attention to the construction of the selection of houses.When choosing the site, the Tujia avoid there is a trough in front of the house and no “back mountain” behind the house.Because there is a saying in the Tujia area: if you do not Sue, you will be imprisoned.In daily life, tujia people also have various taboos.According to the month has: the first month not see eagle bird, February not even dog crotch, march not see snake coitus, April not see people in pairs, may not pick up the river fish, June not pick up sweat clothes.At the same time, there are seven bees eight strange nine pestilence, that is, August and September are afraid of bees to come home.In the Tujia area, people call July the Day of the dead (deceased person).Thus there is a July do not sit large threshold and children do not shave the taboo.Sitting large threshold is said to block the “dead” soul of the way home, the child shaved his head is said to be a sore.For women, pregnant women (or four-eyed people, as tujia people call them) can’t see new things, because four-eyed people have the most powerful eyes and will suffer from one trouble or another.The month mother and child is full month cannot go to other people’s house, saying is “empty belly” person comes home to carry bad.A woman is not allowed to step over a man’s shoulder; it would be bad luck for a man to do so.Go out layman has seven do not go out, eight do not return, 99 go out of a lot of said.It is best not to go out on seven days, not to go home on eight days, and to go out on nine days.The snake days in January, April, July and October, the chicken days in winter, and the ox days in March, June, September and December are regarded as “red evil days” in Tujia region.Travel is forbidden on these days.Because there is “go out to meet red evil spirit, will not return home” said.Other aspects: children do not point to the moon, say it is pointing, the moon will come down when you are asleep to cut ears.Taboos in production and life of Tujia nationality are produced in production practice and life practice.With the progress of science and technology and the development of society, it will die out gradually.However, in order to fully understand tujia culture, we should pay attention to and study it.

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