“Winter Olympics Jilu” total area of about 33,000 square meters!Explore the largest ice rink in Zhangjiakou city, the outdoor ice rink can accommodate 5,000 people to exercise

On the fourth day of the lunar New Year, the taste of the Lunar New Year is strong.In Zhangjiakou, taking advantage of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the snow and ice sports tourism industry has developed rapidly. “Snow and ice Spring Festival celebration” has become the best choice for zhangjiakou citizens and tourists to celebrate the Spring Festival.On the morning of February 4th, under the unified arrangement of zhangjiakou media reception station, the reporter walked into the largest ice skating rink in Zhangjiakou city, which is also the first standardized ice and snow theme education activity base in the central city area – ice dream skating rink.As soon as we approached the gate of the ice rink, we felt the thick Flavor of the New Year, sticky sugar people, fried tofu…Special snack stalls gathered at the entrance side, many stalls are also affixed with the red “fu” character.The ice rink is more crowded, citizens are queuing up to receive equipment, ready to rush into the field to enjoy the sport.”It’s nice to have an ice rink on my doorstep, just walking in from home, and I’ve always wanted to go and experience it for myself after seeing all the fun winter Olympics.”Mr. Zhang, who is wearing skates in the waiting area, said.”The Ice Dream Rink has been built since 2019, covering a total area of 33,000 square meters. On the north side is an indoor arena of 3,100 square meters, and on the south side is an outdoor rink of 14,000 square meters, including the standard speed skating avenue, ice skating area and cross-country snow area, as well as a multi-functional outdoor ice area integrating leisure, entertainment, competition and training.It can accommodate 3000~5000 people at the same time.We can train not only in skating, but also in figure skating, ice hockey and snowfield soccer.Su Tao, director of sports Department of Ice Dream Skating Rink.”Currently, the ice Dream outdoor ice rink is open to citizens free of charge.”In the ice rink, an old man wearing snow goggles and professional clothes glided smoothly on the ice, very eye-catching.”My name is Chen Zhenjiang. I am sixty years old.I have been skating for more than 20 years since I was young.”Chen Zhenjiang said,” In the past, they could only enjoy themselves in the river and small venues. The Winter Olympics have promoted the development of ice and snow sports, with better facilities and more venues, more and more people love skating.In the skating crowd, there are no lack of children.”I like skating. I learned from my father. I come here every day to skate a little bit.”He Yingdong, 7, said.”I will learn from videos and teach my children when I get enough.We look forward to hosting the Winter Olympics on our doorstep and are eager to participate.”He yingdong’s father, Mr. He said.It is understood that the ice dream skating rink is only an epitome of zhangjiakou to promote ice and snow sports.At present, Zhangjiakou city has built 20 indoor ice skating halls, including 2 standard ice skating halls, 3 real ice non-standard ice halls, 1 simulated standard ice hall and 14 simulated non-standard ice halls, which can carry out short track speed skating, figure skating, ice hockey, curling and other events (activities) and training.There are 6 cross-country ski resorts and 31 mass recreational snow resorts, which can carry out ice skating, ice cart, snow circle and other ice and snow entertainment activities. Citizens can participate in ice and snow sports in the county and experience the convenience of “getting out of the house and going on ice and snow”.All rights reserved by Hebei Heqing Media Co., LTD. All rights reserved

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