The Tonghua City Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau took various measures to ensure an orderly urban environment during the Spring Festival

Tonghua Daily news (Wang Xixiang Jinfeng report) The Spring Festival is approaching, the city administration and law enforcement bureau of multiple measures, take the initiative to improve the level of urban environmental management, and strive to let people spend a festive, happy, peaceful, clean, safe Spring Festival.In recent days, the city city management detachment in accordance with the work requirements of the city city management administrative law enforcement Bureau, combined with the characteristics of the urban environment and the needs of the public, the urban festival market to standardize the setting, for 427 merchants for the approval of the festival merchandise business procedures;Five open-air markets in urban areas, including Xinhua and Culture, were managed in a standardized manner, and law enforcement personnel were dispatched to inspect them on a regular basis around the clock to ensure that there were no illegal activities such as underpass, road occupation and market spilt.In order to create a clean, clean city appearance environment, the city urban management detachment of the city with the city sanitation department in the city of New wind road, Hongyuan, Xinhua, culture and other four open-air markets to carry out environmental special rectification action, a total of more than 150 law enforcement personnel, law enforcement vehicles 24, the disorderly pile of debris, garbage and other comprehensive cleaning.A total of more than 200 kinds of violations were cleaned up, and more than 300 cubic meters of garbage were cleared and transported.At the same time, lasted 10 days, and dongchang district 8 street offices jointly to the jurisdiction of part of the community in the garbage, debris and residual ice for a comprehensive cleaning, a total of more than 1000 cubic meters of garbage, debris and residual ice.In order to ensure the normal life of residents during the Spring Festival, the municipal property service Center required 105 professional property management communities in the city to clear the snow in the residential communities under their jurisdiction in time according to the characteristics of winter weather, so as to ensure the safe travel of residents.The area under the jurisdiction of the building eaves ice skating comprehensive investigation and cleaning;At the same time, to further strengthen fire safety, the municipal emergency management Bureau, the Municipal Public Security Bureau and relevant departments of 53 property enterprises to carry out fire, safety publicity activities, the site issued more than 200 copies of property management laws and regulations publicity manuals and property management policies and regulations question and answer folding;And jointly to the urban residential district fire access safety inspection, to ensure that the residential district fire access unimpeded;Property enterprises are required to timely accept and ensure the completion of repair problems reported by residents within the specified time to ensure an orderly urban environment during the Spring Festival.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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