Foshan Hongyue Lincoln Center has opened its new courtesy season

Kai Chun Huan xin, buy a car to profit!Make an appointment to participate in AO Games mascot Ice Dun Dun DIY!10 limited surprise purchase to enjoy all kinds of special vehicles to high ice mound mound hit ten thousand yuan preferential subsidies, cars go on forever ~ surprise foshan hong yue Lincoln Center car courtesy spring season time 2.17-20 exclusive ordering ritual: Z Z Lincoln special tasting, exclusive ordering ceremony to open a car to send special offer options: ten years special car, flash gift to shop:Come to DIY20 custom ice cubes on Sunday.Referral gift: old customers recommend new customers to participate in the activity to buy cars can get 2000 fuel card replacement gift: participate in the car replacement, up to 5000 yuan subsidy

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