Traffic lights also celebrate Spring Festival?865 smart signal lights in Changsha open “Spring Festival mode”

Sanxiang City Daily new Hunan client January 30 news (all media reporter Guo Can intern Huang Shengfeng) The Spring Festival holiday, changsha city lights also opened the “Spring Festival mode”, to ensure sufficient crossing time, reduce the red light waiting, reduce the green light empty.According to the data analysis of changsha city’s urban active vehicles during the Spring Festival in previous years, the traffic police department expects that the change of urban traffic flow during the Spring Festival this year will be roughly divided into three stages: one week before the New Year’s Eve is the peak of the city, the urban active vehicles during the holiday period is less, and the active vehicles gradually increase after the festival.Starting from January 25, the city’s active car will gradually decline, in January 31 (New Year’s Eve) on the day to reduce to the traffic travel peak state.According to the characteristics of traffic travel before the festival, the traffic police department has taken the control strategy of strengthening the release of key exit junctions and sections to ensure the traffic efficiency of everyone out of the city.During the lunar New Year holiday, travel demand fell to the resources, the road vehicle number almost to the point of “a handful”, at this stage, the traffic police department will open 865 intelligent lights in urban areas “model” the Spring Festival, the model to comply with the time, reduce the red light wait for crossing the street, to reduce the green light to the principles of ballast, the intersection traffic efficiency maximization.Starting February 7, the normal “working day mode” of traffic lights will be adjusted in a timely manner according to road traffic conditions, and the time of traffic lights will be adjusted according to actual road conditions.According to the meteorological department’s warning, Changsha will have low temperature rain, snow and freezing weather during the Spring Festival, and urban roads are prone to slippery, snow, ice and low visibility, which will adversely affect the safety of travel during the Spring Festival.Changsha traffic police to remind the public, bad weather, not essential not to travel.[Editor: Su Liang] [Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily]

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