Guangxi issued grain production incentive measures, the first batch of incentive funds have been issued

The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region recently formulated the Measures for Grain Production Incentive (Trial), and decided that starting from 2022, the grain production of all counties (cities and districts) in the previous year has achieved remarkable results, and the major grain-producing counties (cities and districts) and non-major grain-producing counties (cities and districts) with the highest overall score of the comprehensive evaluation will be evaluated.The incentive list shall be published in the name of the people’s Government of the Autonomous Region for praise, and shall serve as the basis for prioritizing other agriculture-related funds.It is reported that on March 31, the finance department of the autonomous Region has put the 2022 agriculture and Rural department budget of 50 million yuan, as the first batch of funds for 2022 food production incentives, under the 60 counties (cities, districts) to obtain incentives, and required all regions to implement the funds to support spring food production as soon as possible, so that the funds play a role in time.The second tranche of incentives will be available by the end of May.It is understood that Guangxi is rich in temperature, light and water resources for the development of agriculture, forming a group of dominant characteristic agricultural industries that have a certain influence in the country.However, due to the large number of people and less land, the comparative efficiency of grain production is low, especially in recent years, the cost of grain production has been rising, and the steady development of grain production is facing great pressure.In order to improve the enthusiasm of local governments in grain production, the measures specify that the autonomous region will set up a working group for evaluating grain production incentives. The list of counties (cities, districts) that receive grain production incentives each year and the amount of incentives will be determined based on the comprehensive evaluation results of grain production in each county (city, district) in the previous year.The quota of incentive and the standard of award and subsidy shall be determined according to the annual financial fund arrangement and food production situation of the autonomous region.The measures also set up the principle of “one vote positive” and “one vote negative”.Source: Pang Geping, Guangxi channel, People’s Daily Client

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