If possible, would the Warriors lose by trading Curry for Irving alone?

The comparisons between Curry and Irving have never stopped in the media since they became rivals, one being the dribble king since Allen Iverson, the ability to play alone, and the scar of the 73-win runner-up with a game-winning 3-pointer during the Warriors’ 73-win season.One is the league’s all-time 3-point champion, who started the NBA’s small-ball era with his 3-point shot. If possible, would the Warriors lose by trading Curry for Irving alone?Garage with Owen from personal power, the warriors will lose though, said Owen as league champions, has a strong personal ability, has the excellent level of singles, however, this level in front of the garage is not enough to see, after all, the Treasury of the history of the three level has been recognized as the best, to some extent, the Treasury has influence the strength of the alliance pattern,If you have Curry, you have an absolute threat on the offensive end, even if Curry is off shooting that day, you can’t say you have the guts to let him shoot.For now, other teams because fear in the possession of three ability, as long as he is, at least have two players on the defensive, at the same time, almost the whole team will concentrate on the Treasury’s movement, the existence of “library have gravity” space for other players to create the great shots and opportunity, that is to say,Curry’s strength doesn’t just come from him, it comes from him.Three points against Kyrie. Does that work?I don’t deny that Kyrie is a great individual player, and even in some extreme situations, he can make a series of wild moves, but it’s rare. At the very least, you don’t see almost the entire league choosing at least two players on Kyrie, do you?Garage shots from the team system, the warriors team around the garage building rather than warriors achievement garage as garage achievement warriors, warriors the current system, largely due to garage strength of 3-pointers, almost at the same time, the garage is not only a powerful ball attacker, or a strong without the ball a sharp-shooter, and golden state system,The ball is mostly in Green’s hands, which requires Curry to be an off-ball specialist when the offense is normal and a ball-handling centerpiece when the team is in crisis.Treasury’s singles Owen is an excellent works, but his offensive means mainly concentrated in the ball game, although there is a certain ability to without the ball, but absolutely can’t garage superb ball shot like that, so if it is Owen led the warriors, that he must take the ball away from green hand, but, as I said earlier articles, green ball,Is at the heart of how the Warriors system works, and without Green, the system would be gone.So, if use Treasury single Owen, off it is not only the library, there are green and the warriors live system, and the system of the mighty men is after final inspection, to a system of Owen lose oneself live in, this is absolutely not worth it, with Owen’s strength, completely unworthy to build system for its, Owen is not, after all, James.In terms of star status, Irving is far, far away from Curry.When you think of Irving, you remember his technical qualities, but when you think of Curry, you think of a small ball era.Just as Jordan pulled the league from the center era to the guard era, Curry conquered the league with his three-point shot. Since Curry, the three-point shot is no longer a supporting role in the offensive end, more and more teams begin to pay attention to the role of the three-point shot, even if the center, also need a steady three-point shot.With his performance, Curry officially kicked off the era of small ball.From the point of view of creating the era, I think Curry and Jordan are equal, both are epoch-making players, there will never be another Jordan, there will never be another Curry, but the future may have a second Irving, because Irving is only the experience of the era, not the creator of the era.Freemasonry from star card on, Michael Owen and garage is not a class star, garage as warriors, belongs to the league’s leading, and he told mark, should be like lebron James, Kevin durant, and kobe’s top stars, even the distance rudd garage cafe all have a certain distance, and Owen, in the finals, only in the middle,It was James, not Irving, who competed against Curry in the Finals.As the celtics’ no. 1 player, Irving is no. 2 or no. 3 at best. How can you replace the warriors’ cornerstone curry with his strength and leadership?Kyrie Irving From a work ethic standpoint, Kyrie Irving does kyrie really love basketball?Does he love his team?Or does he love his job?I think the answer is no. Thompson will cry on the sideline when he sees his teammates fighting, but he can’t play because of an injury. Even though he has suffered a serious injury, he will work hard with his teammates.Not to mention the fact that he left the team for personal reasons, he was unable to play just because he resisted the vaccine.Maybe Owen has his own beliefs and pursuit, but, as a basketball player, in the case of fans is begged, still stubborn, causes the team was crippled, this is clearly irresponsible act, if Owen really love this job, love basketball, how can you watch his teammates struggled on the field, at last he could do nothing?Irving, on the other hand, has been a model in terms of attitude, having pushed himself to the top of the scoring charts during the warriors’ struggles last season, leading the team to the brink of a playoff berth.This season, Curry has voluntarily added muscle to fill in the holes on defense, even if it affects his three-point play.Curry’s willingness to give everything for the team is the key to his respect.Trading a selfless, dedicated Curry for a selfish, paranoid Kyrie would be a bad thing for the Warriors, not to mention the impact kyrie would have on the locker room, but the fact that kyrie would leave the team for no reason would seriously damage the warriors’ overall strength.Owen doesn’t deserve it.Leadership epilogue to use database to single in Owen, it is better to take in more in a couple of draft picks, because selling garage, either from the perspective of the ratings or team strength is a serious damage, since don’t want to progress, don’t care about the title, it is better to directly bad reconstruction, after all with the garage picks can really choose to players, and garage for Owen,Not necessarily willing to play, do not believe the nets.SanQueYi

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