You can go ahead and Sue

# and teacher is reported, this is the teacher of physical education class hat with the student in the sunshine, what do you think of P.E. teacher long # in outdoor physical education classes, very few cases will encounter rain, fog, haze days, tornadoes, and the weather will usually stop outdoor physical education classes, every dog days and SanJiuTian,The two extreme weather schools have put a winter and summer vacation, normal, most of the time in the outdoor physical education classes, there are 25 to 30 minutes every day afternoon lesson hold big run, endurance, outdoor sports interest group once a week, weekly grade outdoor sports activity, outdoor physical education a week 14 to 18 section, three gym class every week,Have to go up 5, 6 classes of physical education, each lesson 40-45 minutes, all the year round in the wind, sun, rain, the four seasons mu song, suggest these to Sue, to complain of students, students parents to the stadium try it!If the physical education teacher in the northeast area, the south area, or in the plateau area, especially in the plateau area for many months in outdoor physical education, you try to try their own not to cover up the strong sun’s ultraviolet sunscreen hat, you will know the pain!Years without a hat in the sun, do not adhere to the application of sunscreen, lipstick, a male and female physical education teachers always give others a particularly pale mulberry impression, rough skin, dark skin, dark.Not only prevent primary and secondary school physical education (PE) teachers in outdoor wear a hat, but also actively encourage primary and secondary school teachers in the classroom hat, must be the sun, as long as do it a bit, when necessary action demonstration technology demonstration must take hat to demonstrate in the first time, such as mat exercises, short quick running, jumping, cross,The rest of the time, you can wear a hat for normal teaching.

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