“My Love from the Star” will be broadcast in Japan!Fushi Cangjiki, Yamamoto Miyue romantic drama

My Love from the Star, a Japanese drama co-starred by Fuji-Ceiku and Miyuki Yamamoto, will debut on Amazon channel from February 23, 2022!The remake of the same name in 2013 popular Korean dramas, the plot describes the mystery of the aliens from other planets to human appearance after nearly four hundred years of life on earth, but in the start before returning to the original planet, unexpectedly unexpectedly and become a famous actress, next door opposite character of two people from each other, see not pleasing to the eye to appreciate, launched a suspense romantic love story!A cocked fans please ready to pit!Detonated topic that’s surprisingly casting 2013 Korean dramas “you from the stars” starring Kim soo-hyun, quan zhixian, two brush, brush, tens of thousands of fans would rather in the ditch lie flat, not only because of the two star eyes absorption performance, fall in love with aliens, the plot of novel started immediately attract the attention of a large number of fans in high ratings,Later in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, the United States also have bright results.The Japanese Amazon Original series will be bold to remake the classic Korean drama, Kim Xiuxian played the handsome universe university professor will be played by Fusi Cang Tide, and Quan Zhixian perfect interpretation of beautiful appearance under the hidden pure heart of the female star of the Japanese version of the drama by Yamamoto Beauty month, although the list was published after the two polar evaluation,Some fans think that Fujicang Tide, Yamamoto Meiyue two less momentum, but feel that this combination is very fresh people are also many, in fact, no matter what kind of view let the Japanese version of “You from the Stars” Japanese drama before the official start to get a lot of traffic and attention!In addition to Fuji cang Tide, Yamamoto beauty month, Imai, Fuyuan Yao in the play participated in the performance of the true identity of the universe professor full (Fuji Cang Tide as) will be with the popular actress Chun (Yamamoto Beauty month as) involved in the killing, in the end full can perfect guard toon is not threatened?I love you from the Star, committed Historical Chicharms, hinocho Springs, a Series starring Kim Soo-hyun and Jun Ji-hyun.Fujicang Tide, Yamamoto Meiyue, Imai Wing, Fujiyuan Yao finally worth mentioning is that South Korea shooting the whole drama is divided into 21 sets, and “from the stars you” Japanese version only 10 sets, casting and set number are completely beyond the audience’s imagination, presumably after the broadcast should also set off a wave of discussion!The Japanese version of My Love from the Star AIRS in February!F and pale tide, yamamoto beauty month interpretation Kim soo-hyun, quan zhixian role performance | romantic love play music for purchase!Japan

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