To help spread culture in The south of the Yangtze River, Suzhou Rail Communication launched the audio column “Reading Poetry on the Subway”

On February 15, suzhou rail transit officially launched the audio culture column, ride the subway to read poems to suzhou university faculty of arts, professor, doctoral supervisor xu-hui Yang, lead the people using the subway passengers read poetry, approached the classic fragments of time, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the ancient city of one thousand and understand the cultural background of the dongwu return, feelings of jiangnan culture unique charm.It is reported that the series of audio programs “Reading Poems by Subway” is produced by Suzhou Rail Transit Group, with Yang Xuhui as the main speaker. The first season will broadcast 50 episodes, each lasting about 15 minutes, with poems as the main line to introduce the important historical sites and cultural landscapes along the Suzhou metro line.In the first lecture, I chose leqiao Station, the transfer station of Line 1 and Line 4.The station is surrounded by important cultural landmarks — Guoyunlou and Yiyuan, as well as many historical and cultural relics and gardens.Yang Xuhui led us to read in detail the first generation of guwenbin, the owner of Guyunlou “Jiangnan Is Good · Yiyuan Business” (choose 4), through the description of gu’s private garden yiyuan, narrated the prosperity and development of Suzhou culture in the late Qing Dynasty.The subsequent shows will also focus on other important historical and cultural relics around Yueqiao Station, which will be introduced respectively by two leijie Style of Wu Yun, Maple Garden, Yue Yue’s Spring in the Hall and Crane Garden, and will read poems and works related to them.Yang xuhui said that suzhou subway is not only the traffic artery of the city, but also the time and space corridor of culture. There are many historical and cultural relics along the subway, which are closely related to ancient poetry, but many people think the language of poetry is difficult and difficult.Through the program “Reading Poems by Subway”, ordinary citizens can be guided to peel off the complicated shell of classical Chinese when they start each journey by subway, and understand the culture and cultural heritage of Suzhou through poems.Resident “release” suzhou rail transit passengers can be in WeChat subscribe to read poetry at the end of the article, the message poetry and to share their reading experience, 24 hours the message thumb up volume of the top three “power” suzhou rail transit iron powder will be presented to 30 times electronic tickets would, line 5 edition charging treasure and exquisite gift “zhen jiangnan” desk calendar, etc.In recent years, Suzhou Rail Transit Group gives full play to its resource advantages and strives to build a “cultural subway” and “art subway”.In the design of subway public space, the group adheres to the principle of “one theme in one line, one scene in one station”, featuring regional culture and creating a strong cultural atmosphere.As the first full-scene cultural tourism characteristic line in China, rail transit Line 5 actively explores the way for the construction of “cultural subway” through the combination of “point, line and plane”, which has been widely praised by the society.At the same time, Suzhou Rail Group also organized expert teams to dig and sort out the cultural resources of South of the Yangtze River along the subway line, providing theoretical basis for the construction of subway space culture in the future.It is reported that the opening of the audio column of “Riding the Subway to Read poetry” will further help to tell the “Suzhou story” of Jiangnan culture, build a subway culture with Suzhou characteristics, and contribute track strength for Suzhou to create the “most beautiful window” to show socialist modernization to the world.(Zou Yufen)

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