When he was 27 years old, he became a military commander and secretary of the party committees of two provinces. In 55 years, he was awarded the general. In his old age, he was awarded the vice-state level

14 years of resistance, our country emerge many courageous warrior and has the military mind, some sacrifice in the war become the pioneer of the republic, there is also a part of and in the construction of new China has successfully, WeiGuoQing is one, when the captains of 27, when two provincial party secretary, was awarded in 1955 general ranks, old age officer to associate level.Participate in the whole nation during the Anti-Japanese War, there are a lot of ethnic minority soldiers also emerge, WeiGuoQing as general zhuang’s founding, not only in the war – and, after the new China actively corresponding countries called for, personal ability, served as party secretary, his industry and thrift in the process, play a role of the communist party member’s lead people to become wealthy.In 1913, Wei Guoqing was born in Guangxi Province. In Donglan, there was a leader of the peasant movement, Wei Qun. as early as the 1920s, he started the peasant movement in his hometown, and Wei Guoqing’s father was one of them.Perhaps be affected by father, wei Guoqing has the courage that other child does not have as a child, he also had revolutionary thought early, later, Wei Guoqing’s father is killed, more let him firm become farmer guard belief.Later, Wei Guoqing took part in the Long March and served as a battalion commander. Although it was a small official position, he played a very important role, because the Red Army was in Wujiang at that time and experienced a painful battle of Xiangjiang river. The Red Army must successfully break through the Wujiang River to smash the siege.Therefore, the construction of wujiang river pontoon bridge has become an important task.But because of the rapid current of the Xiangjiang River, our army did not have advanced tools at that time, and the enemy was approaching, it was almost impossible to build a floating bridge over the Wujiang River under such circumstances.At that time Wei Guoqing is the special branch battalion commander, he led the soldiers in the red army with the help of a regiment, after 36 hours, finally will wujiang floating bridge built, successfully overcome the rapids, tools, military emergency and other conditions, opened up a lifeline for the Red Army, so that the Red Army can break through the siege.After this incident, Wei Guoqing also established a great prestige in the army, so that the Red Army can continue to go north to northern Shaanxi, this military achievements for Wei Guoqing to continue to serve the people in the future laid a foundation, calm and persistent attitude and military leadership, Wei Guoqing more outstanding.From the end of the Long March of the Red Army to the Anti-Japanese War years, Wei Guoqing has been playing his own talent, responsible for the education work in the army, cultivating a number of excellent military talents, but Wei Guoqing has not forgotten his original belief, under the approval of The boss Zhu De rejoined the guerrilla column, and served as political commissaries.And column commander zhang aiping, WeiGuoQing comrades at that time, in the guerrilla war again partner, two people cooperate with very tacit understanding, repeatedly made the meritorious military service, beckoning for many times, for the final victory of the war of resistance in the foundation, to the victory of war on the eve of the WeiGuoQing also with his remarkable exploits became the new fourth army deputy commander.02 untidier office-mate experience more than ten years after the founding of the Anti-Japanese War, WeiGuoQing became rich experience of generals, as a result, he and Chen Geng led the team to go to Vietnam, because after the founding of the international situation is not good on one hand, on the other hand WeiGuoQing many outstanding leaders made him become the important people of new China, he began his road to foreign armies.In 1950, during the Vietnam War, he helped Vietnam defend the border and successfully killed nearly 6,000 enemy troops. This campaign not only opened up the transportation line between China and Vietnam, but also took the initiative in his own hands. Until the end, Wei Guoqing stuck to this land and did not return to China until the complete victory of the war.After returning, WeiGuoQing because the remarkable military was appointed governor of guangxi province, and become a general, through decades back home again, folks are very loved WeiGuoQing, he also feel honored and root has the land, not only on the economy of guangxi break road, also in many aspects, such as culture and education to take action.A few years later, Wei Guoqing became the Secretary of guangxi Provincial Party Committee. His burden was even heavier. In his twenty years of rule, Guangxi had undergone tremendous changes, making great contributions to the development of Guangxi and devoting all his efforts to this land.Because of his outstanding achievements in Guangxi province, Wei was appointed as the party secretary of Guangdong Province in 1976, focusing on the development of coastal cities. It was these changes that made Wei more aware of the future development. After decades of training, he later took other positions in the Military Commission.Looking back on his entire political career, Wei Guoqing can be said to be a witness of the development of new China. He successively served as the secretary of the party Committee of two provinces, which laid a solid foundation for the development of Guangxi and Guangdong. His incorruptness and political achievements also won the hearts of the people for him and were repeatedly affirmed by the central government.Wei Guoqing, who was already very great, also had a very high status in the central Government. He was re-elected as vice chairman of the National People’s Congress and served as vice chairman of the Political Committee for two terms, becoming a vice state-level leader. As a figure coming from the war era, Wei Guoqing’s life can be said to be very brilliant.Until 1989, General Wei Guoqing suffered from health problems and died in Beijing on June 14. The glorious 76 years made Wei Guoqing an important figure in the history of the Republic and was firmly remembered by the Republic and people.The hero Wei Guoqing lived an honest life. His memorial hall is also in Guangxi Province after his death.In the eyes of the villagers, he is committed to the development of the hometown of the big man, is also the most kind of secretary, whether it is the official has maintained the working people nature, in a lot of details are showing a Communist should have some character.And his quality is also deeply affecting the family, Wei Yunjin bluntly, as a communist and important state cadres, in his body is strict with himself is clean and honest, with their own body practice the essence of revolutionaries.04 Summary Wei Guoqing’s life is wonderful is also hard, become an important figure in the modern history of China, from the Anti-Japanese War to walk in the glory, fortunately this prosperous world as he wishes, and he also dedicated his life to the country, life for the public.Whether in the peasant war, or in the Long March of the Red Army, or in the arduous Anti-Japanese War, or later in the construction of new China, General Wei Guoqing is worthy of our eternal respect for the hero.

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