Beijing has released a list of 320 key tasks for this year to study and formulate implementation plans for promoting common prosperity

Promoting the construction of the Beijing Olympic museum old campus of colleges and universities, research organization back room space reasonable use plan, the Beijing high level talent highland construction plan for implementation, the implementation of urban renewal plan of action, planning for the construction of rail transit for the third phase, completed in central axis “papers, formulate a plan to carry out the reform to promote the common prosperity, raise construction of affordable rental housing, 150000Set (between)…The Beijing Municipal People’s Government has released a list of key tasks for the 2022 Municipal Government Work Report. The key tasks for this year are divided into 320 tasks, and the main responsibility units are identified for each task.Maximum play a role to promote the Beijing Olympic Games are heritage museum construction for the 2022 winter Olympics and the winter paralympics in Beijing, the “to-do list” requirement, to provide notification service, comprehensive event operation and service security work, run efficiently during operation command system, according to the competition schedule properly to do a good job of venue and the competition organization.We will strengthen the orderly and seamless connection between venue operation and city operation, ensure safe operation of water, electricity and heat, and ensure energy supply.Strengthen the environmental remediation of key areas, key parts and important nodes, implement the city image landscape plan, and show the beautiful and clean city image.We will implement security measures for the Winter Olympics and ensure the safe and orderly operation of the city.The Task list calls for a coordinated response to the Epidemic.Strictly control of olympic-related venues, personnel and closed-loop management interfaces, to maximize separation from the community, ventilation and disinfection of venues, winter Olympic villages, contracted hotels and other key areas, and resolutely minimize the risk of the spread of the epidemic.We will promote epidemic prevention for the Winter Olympics and urban areas, and strictly implement control measures such as entering and leaving Beijing during the Games.The epidemic prevention and control policies in Zhangjiakou will be coordinated to ensure safe and smooth travel.At the same time, we will implement the heritage strategic plan and the post-competition utilization plan of the venues to maximize the role of the Winter Olympics heritage.We will promote the construction of the Beijing Olympic Museum.We will continue to reduce the density of population, buildings, commerce and tourism in core areas. We will study and formulate plans for rational utilization of vacating space of old university campuses. We will strengthen strategic planning and guide the development of a world-class urban cluster in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.The city will continue to promote the implementation of the general regulations.We will complete the three-year action plan for the control and regulation of core areas, strengthen the guarantee of central government functions and services, optimize the spatial layout along Chang ‘an Avenue, reduce the number of in-transit projects in core areas, and constantly reduce the density of population, construction, commerce, and tourism.In terms of dredging, the city will implement the implementation opinions of special action of dredging, renovation and promotion, continue to carry out dynamic dredging and quality improvement of general manufacturing industry, and do a good job in the transformation and upgrading of four markets including Dahongmen Garment Trade City after the closure of the market.More than 25 million square meters of illegal construction will be brought under control, and about 2,800 hectares of land will be vacated. Efforts will be made to turn Haidian district, Fengtai District, Beijing Economic and technological Development Zone and ecological conservation zone into basically no-illegal construction zones.We will implement the 2022 edition of the List of prohibited new industries, strictly control the increase in non-Capital functions at the source, and precisely guide enterprises to improve their quality development.Accelerate the construction of 12 municipal medical and health resources allocation projects.To study and formulate plans for rational utilization of vacating space on old campus.Continue to promote the guang ‘anmen bus maintenance yard and other traffic station to adjust the relocation.The city will complete a three-year task to refine and improve the environment of back streets and alleys, improve 346 streets and alleys, and “look back” on those that have been improved.We will promote the development of the first pilot projects in cities that allow people to live within 15 minutes of each other, improve the distribution of convenience stores, and achieve about 320 chain convenience stores (community supermarkets) for every one million people.978.5 hectares of temporary green land will be left blank and the strategy will be left blank. 200 hectares of urban green land will be added, 50 recreational parks, small and micro green land and 20 shady roads will be built, and their conservation and management will be carried out well.To improve the functional quality of old parks and build 10 age-friendly parks around people.High-quality development of the city’s sub-center is one of the key work, the “Task List” proposed, continue to maintain the investment intensity of 100 billion, and promote the construction of the M101 line of the city’s sub-center.We will accelerate the construction of the three major cultural facilities, the second phase of the administrative office area, the comprehensive transportation hub of the sub-center station, the renovation of the east sixth Ring Road, the First Experimental School of Beijing and the second phase of the Friendship Hospital In Tongzhou District, and further promote the double renovation of the old city.We will coordinate the construction of ecological green belt along the North Canal and Chaobai River basin, and jointly build chaobai River Forest Park.We will build a demonstration zone for high-quality integrated development between Tongzhou District and the three northern counties, advance the construction of cross-border roads and Bridges such as factory roads, hold successful project promotion talks, and promote the extension of industrial and public services to the three northern counties.The task list calls for building a more closely coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, giving full support to the construction of the Xiongan New Area, promoting the completion and delivery of the turnkey primary and secondary school projects, and speeding up the construction of hospitals.We will complete the main part of the Beijing section of the Beijing-Xiong Expressway, continue to build the Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park in the Xiongan New Area, and guide the concentrated development of innovation factors.We worked hard to build the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region on the Rails. We accelerated the construction of the Pinggu Line and the first phase of the Intercity railway connection line. The Beijing-Tangba-Coastal intercity railway was completed and opened to traffic, and container rail trains linking Beijing and Tianjin port began operation.We will speed up the construction of the Chengping Expressway, and promote the circular expressway in the Capital area to bypass Beijing.The city will accelerate the building of an international science and technology innovation center and build new advantages in innovation-driven development.The Task list says that focus improves raw innovation.We will formulate an action plan to build world-leading science parks, reform the management systems and mechanisms of the parks, support the introduction of market-oriented and professional service organizations and personnel, and improve our capacity for innovative services.At the same time, we will vigorously promote the upgrading of advanced, sophisticated industries.We will continue to carry out major integrated circuit projects, accelerate the construction of key projects such as SMIC Capital, memory, Yandong 12-inch line and NaURA Chuang Production expansion, launch a number of major projects such as third-generation semiconductor power electronics and RADIO frequency devices, and promote breakthroughs in RISC-V, GPU, CPU and AI chip design.We will promote the construction of the Xiaomi automobile manufacturing plant, the phase I of Weilan New energy solid state battery, the Toyota Fuel cell RESEARCH and development Center, and the Tesla Design Center, and support Beijing Benz in increasing production capacity and launching new energy products.In addition, we will comprehensively develop a highland of high-level talents.We will formulate and implement a plan to build Beijing into a high-level talent hub, make good use of a package of talent programs such as The “Beijing Scholars”, “Smart Source Scholars” and “Science and Technology New Star Program”, and constantly increase the height, width and thickness of talents.We will further implement the Rosefinch Plan, and accelerate the introduction of international lawyers, intellectual property rights professionals, project managers, industrial investors, and technology brokers.According to the task List, we need to build up new digital energy and strengthen the internal driving force for high-quality development.We will accelerate the release of new vitality of the digital economy.We will increase the number of 5G base stations by 6,000, and ensure accurate coverage of 5G networks in key hospitals, universities, key cultural and tourism areas, and major transportation facilities.We will enhance the gigabit fixed network access capacity and increase the number of gigabit subscribers by 100,000.Release 20 major application scenarios and build a batch of typical applications centering on smart medical treatment and other fields.To promote the construction of high-level autonomous driving demonstration area 3.0, and implement five special projects of “road expansion, strong cloud, networking, combined vehicles, and mapping”.Digital intelligent intersection infrastructure will be fully covered within an area of more than 500 square kilometers, with access to 1,000 high-level autonomous vehicles and service to 10,000 connected vehicles.Implement several measures to promote the standardized, healthy and sustainable development of the platform economy, build a comprehensive supervision and service system for the platform economy, compile compliance manuals for key industries, guide Beijing platform enterprises to take the lead in compliance transformation, and speed up the cultivation of leading enterprises with world-class competitiveness.The city will continue to strengthen its function as an international communication center.We will implement the plan to strengthen the functions of international exchanges centers, and continue to improve the environmental quality of areas where traditional state events take place, such as the Tian ‘anmen Square, around Zhongnanhai And along Chang ‘an Avenue.We will speed up the expansion and upgrading of the Yanqi Lake International Conference Center, and promote the construction of the Fourth Embassy Area, the second phase of the National Convention Center, and the second and third phases of the new International Exhibition.We will strengthen international exchanges in key areas such as the south Central Axis and sub-urban centers.We will support the development of international hospitals, standardize the management of international schools, speed up the development of high-quality talent communities, improve housing, children’s education and medical services, and support the development of a working and living environment that conforms to the consumption habits and cultural patterns of international talent.The city will deepen the rule of law of fine governance and joint governance, and improve the level of fine urban management.The Task List refers to the implementation of the urban renewal action plan.We will strengthen the application for rent-giving and the reconstruction of symbiosis courtyard, complete the application for rent-giving of 2,200 bungalows and the renovation of 1,200 bungalows in the core area, and focus on promoting the application for rent-giving project in the Imperial College area.Construction began on 300 old residential areas and 100 were completed.Steadily promote the installation of elevators in old buildings, with more than 400 started and more than 200 completed.Persisting in taking ownership units as the main body, and following the principle of promoting one to the other when mature, we will support and cooperate in the reconstruction of over 200 old residential areas belonging to central ownership units.We will explore market-based renewal mechanisms and encourage diverse entities to participate in the renewal of city blocks and the upgrading of business districts.This year, the city will continue to strengthen comprehensive traffic management.We will focus on continuous comprehensive improvement of traffic around hospitals, business districts, schools, scenic spots and other places.To sort out the parking resource supply status of various public buildings such as offices and shopping malls around old residential areas in central urban areas, establish a sharing parking consultation mechanism, and promote the sharing of paid parking facilities at wrong times.The civil air defense project will provide 5,000 parking Spaces to further ease parking difficulties for residents.Work out the construction plan of the third phase of rail transit for approval, optimize and transform the existing rail transit network, promote the renovation of entrance and exit of Andingmen Station and transfer channel of Guomao Station, and complete the renovation of a number of turnround lines such as Songjiazhuang Station of Line 5 and Tiantongyuan North Station.The city will strengthen the construction of the national cultural center and promote the cultural prosperity and development of the capital.”Task list” is put forward, the protection of heritage resources, make good use of red push double qing villa, tiananmen square, red chamber, the Marco Polo bridge – wanping of Peking University and other key cultural relics protection planning, promote Beijing xiangshan revolutionary memorial hall, the Chinese people’s Anti-Japanese War memorial hall, the communist party of China in the early revolutionary activities in Beijing memorial the three integration development, promote the second batch of revolutionary cultural relics of the list.Reveal historical and cultural city massiness culture aspect, put forward the task list, compiled “papers, push for central axis, central axis to protect cultural heritage protection act management planning, we will continue to implement the central axis” heritage protection action plan for three years, the relocation, accelerate the 582 radio central axis “heritage protection annual task.We will protect the old city as a whole, promote the repatriation of key cultural relics, and develop new mechanisms and ways to activate and utilize cultural relics.We will strengthen the protection and utilization of key cultural relics, guild halls and the former residences of celebrities, encourage cultural performances to enter the former sites of guild halls, and create a cultural brand of “Guild Halls with Drama”.We will implement the plan for the construction and protection of the Grand Canal National Cultural Park, advance the construction of the Grand Canal Source Site Park and the Ancient City archaeological Park in Luxian County, and actively develop the Grand Canal into a national 5A-class tourist attraction.The city will continue to give out gift packages to ensure and improve people’s livelihood, according to the task list, focusing on the “seven necessities” and “five characteristics”.We will steadily increase personal income.We strengthened the policy of giving top priority to employment, implemented the plan to support the development of new forms of employment and the three-year action plan to promote employment through entrepreneurship, and increased employment assistance to key groups. The employment rate of college graduates in Beijing was no less than 95%, 260,000 new urban jobs were created, and the surveyed urban unemployment rate was kept within 5%.We will formulate plans to promote common prosperity and steadily increase the size of the middle-income group.The city will improve the overall quality of education development.We will actively develop inclusive child-care services, promote the pilot development of a system of inclusive child-care services, study and improve incentive policies such as granting maternity subsidies, introduce policies to support kindergartens in enrolling children between the ages of two and three, and establish 50 demonstration child-care centers.20,000 new primary and secondary school degrees.At the same time, efforts will be made to provide quality and convenient elderly care services.We will improve the care system for the elderly with disabilities and mental disabilities, build 2,000 home care beds, and provide professional care services for the severely disabled.We will formulate policies on care and support for the elderly with dementia.In addition, we will protect people’s health in all respects.We will complete the three-year action plan for the development of the public health emergency management system, advance the reform of the disease prevention and control system, and establish at least 10 negative pressure wards in each district.We will strengthen monitoring and early warning of the epidemic, further strengthen monitoring and management of patients with fever in small clinics and pharmacies by means of information technology, and give play to the role of grass-roots monitoring posts.We will increase the number of medical institutions designated by medical insurance schemes and 300 retail pharmacies designated by medical insurance schemes to better meet people’s needs for medical treatment and medicine purchases near their homes.The city will adhere to the principle of “housing rather than speculation”, maintain the continuity and stability of the real estate control policy, ensure housing supply, raise funds for the construction of 150,000 units of government-subsidized rental housing, and complete the construction of 80,000 units of government-subsidized housing.We will pay more attention to balancing employment and housing, and improve the layout of land used for housing.We will study public rental housing policies to accommodate families with multiple children, and adjust construction standards and rent allocation methods.In addition, the city will coordinate development and safety to build a safe city that the people are satisfied with.Specific tasks include the implementation of electric bicycle chain safety management.The construction of centralized electric bicycle charging facilities was promoted, and 250,000 electric bicycle charging facilities interfaces were built in residential areas of the city.Beijing Youth Daily reporter Li Zewei editor cui Yifei

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