The hero of the first Watergate Bridge bombing recalls the battlefield: three bridge bombing missions, one platoon dead

CCTV military wechat official number on February 3, the movie “Changjin Lake of Watergate Bridge” is hot, volunteer soldiers three bomb Watergate bridge, “as long as the repair once, we will bomb once”, “as long as the bridge is in, our mission is still in”…You know what?The movie is based on kwok Young-hee, the volunteer hero who bombed the Watergate Bridge for the first time and is still alive at the age of 98.The first time he blew the bridge was when he pulled the charge pack…Today, Kwok Rongxi takes you through the real battle of Watergate Bridge.On November 6, 1950, the second campaign to resist the United States and aid Korea began.The volunteers battled the enemy for days.On November 29, the 10th Army began pulling back and trying to escape south.The Watergate Bridge is the only way for the U.S. troops to evacuate from Jangjin Lake to Hungnam Port. If the bridge is destroyed, more than 1,000 U.S. military equipment vehicles will be blocked here.At that time, the Chinese people’s volunteer army, the 20th army, the 60th division of the battle staff guo Rongxi received this arduous task: blow up the Water gate bridge, must not let the American army escape!Guo Rongxi is a blasting expert, in the war of liberation, he has led the blasting class for many times, personal rongli first-class merit once, second-class merit once, was awarded the east China Field Army second-class people’s hero medal.Guo Rongxi said: “even if it is hard, even if I sacrifice, I am not afraid to ensure the completion of the task!”Three fried Watergate bridge, a platoon of soldiers sacrificed all the bombing bridge, Guo Rongxi led a platoon of soldiers, bundled up three bags of explosives, under the cover of the night, to the direction of the Watergate Bridge.The soldiers threaded their way along the highway, meeting the enemy at any moment.It was -40 degrees Celsius, and the soldiers’ hands were black with cold when they reached the Watergate Bridge.Guo rongxi observed the terrain, with his own blasting experience, chose to install explosives at the bridge and road junction.As he recalls it, he ordered the soldiers to fall back after loading the explosives, and he pulled the trigger himself, with 30 seconds to go…At this time, an accident happened — because of hunger and cold, Guo Rongxi retreated a few steps late.The bridge was destroyed with a loud bang and he was also hit by a flying object, breaking the fibula in his left calf and twisting his foot 180 degrees.After the watergate Bridge was broken, it was quickly repaired by American engineers with modern equipment.Fix it, blow it up.Fix it again, blow it up again…In the second and third bridge bombing missions, some platoons in the execution of the mission, the entire platoon of soldiers died.It was freezing at that time, and some soldiers were still shooting when they died…Within a few days, the volunteers at all costs, the continuous organization of the bombing of the bridge, the maximum delay in the pace of American retreat.The second time into the war, Guo Rongxi said: die here!When Mr. Kwok returned home after being wounded, he was most concerned about his comrades who were still fighting in Korea.Because of his injuries, the unit’s leaders did not allow him to go to North Korea.Kwak said at the time: “I want to go, I will die in that place.”In May 1951, Kwak returned to Korea and fought with his comrades again until he returned home with the army in June 1952.Kwak was 28 when he left North Korea.Many soldiers, as young as he was, were laid to rest in foreign lands.On the first day of the movie “Changjin Lake Of Watergate Bridge”, xuzhou Military Sub-area of Jiangsu province organized the veteran soldiers of the volunteer army to watch.The movie aroused their memories of the war days, they said: “As long as there is a man in the position, there is no retreat!”Today, war is represented in movies.Today, we can sit in a movie theater and retrace our history.Most should thank and salute is this group of the most lovely people, because of their efforts, just have this hard-won peace, just have our happy life now.Salute them forever.

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