The municipal people’s Congress deputies are divided into groups to deliberate government work reports and other reports

In the afternoon of February 11, representatives attending the fifth meeting of the 11th municipal People’s Congress deliberated the work report of the government, the work report of the Standing Committee of the municipal People’s Congress, the work report of the Legislative Procuratorate and the Two Chambers, examined the plan, the budget report, voted to determine the livelihood of practical projects, brew the draft list of candidates, recommend the supervisor.The discussion was carried out in a warm atmosphere, with representatives actively speaking and expressing their opinions.People believe that the report on the work of the government has a lofty and broad vision, an objective and comprehensive summary of the work of 2021, a clear thinking on the plan for the work of 2022, and practical and feasible measures. It is a good report that is realistic, pragmatic, and inspiring with frequent highlights.When deliberating the work report of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, the deputies said that they should focus on the new tasks of the city’s “ten actions”, focus on the people’s new expectations for a better life, take the initiative to take responsibility, perform their duties in accordance with the law, keep pace with The Times to build the “five common” brand, uphold integrity and innovate to promote the high-quality development of the NPC’s work.When deliberating the work reports of the two courts of the People’s Court of Law and Procuratorate, the representatives suggested that they should further focus on their responsibilities and give full play to their roles to create a safe political environment, a stable social environment, a fair legal environment and a high-quality service environment for the construction of high-quality Fumei City.When examining the plan and budget reports, deputies said that the data in the reports are informative, scientific and reasonable, and that they have set positive and steady targets and taken practical measures for this year’s work.Representative Li Xueping said that culture is the soul of a city and the driving force of high-quality development, but also the spiritual source of a school.In her daily education work, she will focus on strengthening cultural construction from four aspects: improving cultural level, building cultural brand, persisting in cultural confidence and carrying out cultural activities, so that more people become propagandists, participants and practitioners of urban construction.Work this year, the representatives have said, to adhere to the development of high quality as the theme, in-depth implementation of the “355661” project, work full of vigour, Benedict is not idle, to “successful not in me, must be successful I” of determination and confidence to implement tasks set out the objectives of the conference, written quality rich beautiful city of crane more brilliant brilliant chapter,In the comprehensive construction of socialist modernization of Henan new journey to walk in the front, when the vanguard, with excellent results to meet the party’s 20 victory held.Deputies also made suggestions on accelerating the building of high-quality development model cities for a new era, post-disaster recovery and reconstruction, promoting rural revitalization, and building cities, and other hot issues of public concern.

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