A: congratulations!Famous Hong Kong stars returned to TVB after 15 years and successfully obtained their Mainland residence permit last year

The editor of this article revealed the story agency: ISSAC unauthorized reprint is strictly prohibited, found plagiarists will be complaints throughout the network congratulations, congratulations!Hong Kong actor Don Lee, 40, has officially returned to his former studio TVB.It is understood that this is the first time in 15 years since Li Left TVB in 2007 to return to the nest, so many Hong Kong drama fans are quite looking forward to it.Look at TVB’s official website, Li Rilang’s artist information has indeed appeared again on TVB’s official website.After more than ten years, I believe that this is also the result of Li Rilang’s careful consideration.After returning to TVB, his first job, is with three times as emperor Lai Yiu-cheung and Zhu Chenli, Jiang Zuman, Zhu Minhan and other people shooting a new drama “Light · Gong”, the play has officially started shooting.Li is excited to return to TVB after 15 years.In an interview with the media earlier, he said that when he returned to TVB, many of the actors, makeup artists and staff behind the scenes were familiar faces, which made him feel warm and relaxed.Li’s last drama before leaving TVB was the mythological series ten Brothers, starring Lin Wenlong and Guo Keying, which aired in 2007.At that time, he played in the play with flexible telescopic stunt, like eraser can elongate the old four, DO you know friends still remember?In that year after leaving TVB, Li Rilang in order to have a greater career breakthrough, then chose to go to the mainland alone.In the nearly ten years of inland development, Li Rilang’s situation is actually quite awkward.Although acting jobs are being offered all the time, there are TV shows and movies being made.However, he has not had a masterpiece for more than 10 years since he only played supporting roles in major dramas.Until 2015, Li became an Internet sensation with her online rendition of Chen Huihan’s classic Cantonese song silly Girl.Throughout the cover, he used his unique crying voice, which caused quite a stir on the Internet at the time.But the explosion of red is just a moment of things, after the maintenance of no works, Li Rilang again silent down.In recent years because of the influence of the external situation, Li Rilang also followed the footsteps of many stars, opened a goods career, turned to anchor.With earlier years in TVB drama accumulation of popularity, Li Rilang with goods performance is also so-so.In June last year, he happily announced on social media that he had obtained a residence permit on the mainland, officially becoming a shunde native.This time, Li Decided to return to TVB again, should be to follow the example of Lai Yiu-cheung, Ko Kwan-yin and other people, in the mainland and Hong Kong both sides of the development of performing arts, two jobs to earn two money, why not do it.In an interview with the media, Li Yilang also made it clear: the salary of the drama is not important, as long as there is a chance to shoot the drama is the main thing.As for the future with TVB will renew the long-term contract, that depends on the company’s opinion.Li Rilang, left a deep impression to xiaobian.Especially when he played in TVB youth idol drama “When four leaf Clovers meet sword Tip”, his comely face is believed to have impressed the audience so far.Although Li Rilang later became a singer, but also issued an album.But all in all, he was better suited as an actor in front of the curtain.Returning home after 15 years is a surprise for Hong Kong drama fans!Finally, also bless Li Rilang after returning to TVB, can have a better role waiting for him.Of course, I am looking forward to his performance in the new drama light Kung.

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