Baby wear school uniform and Ren Jialun play!Live performance crying, eyes closed expression of pain

Baby wear school uniform and Ren Jialun play!Recently, Baby began to join the cast after the holiday, because she and Ren Jialun’s new film has been started in the year before, at that time, also posted a lot of photos and Reuters pictures of the start, many people are looking forward to the cooperation of the two people.Ren Jialun is more and more famous in recent years, and baby’s resources are very good, and she costars with all the actors are the first line, and is the most famous at the moment, such resources really make people envy!Just now, a series of pictures of Angelababy filming were also revealed online. At that time, she was wearing a school uniform and posing like a student. It seems that the role of Angelababy was mainly a student at the beginning.Although she is already over 30 years old, and has become a mother, but she plays the girl is not inferior, the bangs and two low ponytail, coupled with this kind of student dress, completely looks like a 16-year-old girl, and ren Jialun also not inferior, as expected the star maintenance is particularly young.Ren was wearing a backpack and was standing opposite the baby when angelababy burst into tears.In fact, Baby’s acting has not been recognized by everyone, especially his crying scenes, which are a little inferior to other stars. However, this time during the live performance, he also tried his best to make himself cry, and the effect is very good.In the process of performing the crying scene, she closed her eyes and showed a kind of painful expression, it must be that the other party said something sad, Baby’s acting hope can be better and better, this is the first time to partner with Ren Jialun, although the two are not familiar with each other before, but after this period of time, they gradually have a tacit understanding.I hope they can bring you an excellent work, and I hope baby’s acting will not let you down!

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