Final reinforcement!Hawks win golden State title, 32-year-old center expected to join the team, curry gets inside help

Warriors record can be better this season, the second place in the west, and only more than 20 games from the regular season ended, the playoffs is basically nailing on board, with the return of the clay, of the mighty team also gradually tend to be more complete, wait until the green and recover wiseman, warriors will be unstoppable, but the team’s recent underachievement, have won nine straight in,Recent five games, they lost four of them are poor, and the root of the problem since it is coach cole tactical system, the clay back after three defenders, back four line-up to let two legs badly to play ball clay breakthrough, it can call wiggins substitute, leng let him play, 5 in all of these operations is very puzzling.At present, the warriors were 42 17, still was the second highest alliance, the west, the other team to move ahead, there are still some gap, but the distance to the phoenix SUNS is also more and more distant, the gap can be SUNS, 6.5 games has been kicked off the poor, the gap is not so easy to make up for, moreover, according to statistics,Warriors since the start of the season the turnover rate is as high as 15.3 times, the second in the league, the rockets after bad, this is also a very fatal hidden trouble, the team wants to do is, during the NBA all-star game, he have to be thoroughly break-in and array in the team, as soon as possible back to the invincible position, after the all-star break,The whole team can play their way to the championship!But the warriors team already very luxurious, but the team will not give up any opportunity to reinforcing strength, according to the media reported the bleachers, eagle to match his team’s depth, is likely to give up their veteran center gore – ging in exchange for some young assets or draft picks, and the warriors were very interested in ging,It is possible, and will deal with about $3.7 million contract, if the hawks want lion big openings, so the warriors certainly rebuffed, eagle this season for 28 10-30, and distance are 5 6 the outcome, recently and 2 in a row, to the eagle operation this year have the result on the pursue, ging nature becomes the object of is abandoned.Ging in the NBA draft in 2013, the first round of the sequence was drafted by the Utah jazz, 21 department job center, named a rookie team second team, belongs to the arm long motile tall player height, can block and rebound, with middle distance range, good at the secondary attack, and coordination capability, this point with the style of the mighty,He is also a strong shot blocker and rebounder, as well as a good high post passer.This point is also the most scarce of the mighty current lineup, and the mighty warriors, general manager of the general manager praised ging, think he can enhance the frontcourt rotation depth, at the same time for the garage and clay get better shots, this season, averaging 8.9 minutes, scored 3.6 points + 3 rebounds, 0.8 assists, shooting 47.9%,Shooting 42.6 percent from 3-point range, he could really change the team’s current holes.So the question is, do you think the Warriors will be able to sign him and where will they go this season?What are their chances of winning a championship?Welcome to the discussion!

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