On the 10th day of the first lunar month, xiamen Metro Line 1’s alarm bell rang loudly.Someone pushed the emergency button in the subway station

As we all know, subway is a kind of fast, high-volume rail transport that is pulled by electricity and built in a city.The earliest subway in the world (and the first subway) is the Metropolitan Subway in London, England, built in 1863, has a history of 160 years ago.Because of the exclusive nature of the subway track, the subway will not cause congestion.So in many big cities, people rely on the subway to get around.There is no doubt that subways bring convenience to urban people’s life.Some people say that subway is a name card of a city, and the number of subway kilometers is the simplest and most effective indicator to judge the prospect of a city.Subway Although the subway brings convenience to urban people, it also brings inconvenience to people to some extent because the subway is closed for travel.For example, there are passengers, passengers’ belongings are locked in the shielded door and other situations, and even sometimes there is a fire in the subway station, passengers accidentally fall into the track and other emergency situations, at this time the way to deal with it is very troublesome.After all, the subway is not a city bus that can stop and open the door at any time to deal with emergencies.The top speed of the subway can reach 120 km/h, while the 41.36 km of Beijing’s new airport line is designed to reach 160 km/h.Therefore, in order to effectively deal with these emergencies, emergency stop buttons are usually set up in subway stations.Emergency stop button The emergency stop button in the subway station is used only when you have to.Generally speaking, “near the platform disposal” is the primary safety principle for subway emergencies, and there is no need to press the emergency stop button when there is no life-threatening situation or major property loss.Because pressing the emergency stop button will cause the train to stop in the tunnel, which will not only delay the emergency response, but also cause more damage.Since we know that the function of the emergency stop button in the subway is to cut off the speed of the subway and make the train stop slowly, we should not press such a button in the subway station.However, some time ago, in Xiamen subway station, a passenger pressed the emergency stop button, is what happened?It was the afternoon of the 10th day of the first lunar month. At about 16:00, the car control room of Tangbian station of Xiamen metro Line 1 suddenly sounded an emergency alarm bell.The staff quickly carried out emergency investigation and found that the alarm was sounded because the emergency button in the platform was pressed by passengers. The staff of the station immediately reported the situation to the rail control center.Originally, at the scene, a young female passenger waiting for the bus in Tangbian station, because of idle boredom, at the same time out of curiosity for the emergency stop button, she stretched out her hand to press the emergency stop button, and then the female passenger was afraid of an accident, and pressed the recovery button again.The female passenger did not know that because of his two pressing operations, the station directly caused the IBP plate alarm, the descending inbound train automatic speed limit operation.After confirming the safety of the scene, the subway station track adjustment center immediately cancelled the operation of the emergency stop, otherwise it will cause more losses.Even so, the arrival of the train was delayed 82 seconds.Subway, as a means of urban public transportation, shoulders the safety responsibility of all passengers, which is related to the safety of thousands of people’s lives and property. If it is careless, there will be big problems!The female passenger, just out of curiosity and boredom, pressed the emergency stop button that ordinary people should not randomly press. The Xiamen Traffic law enforcement Brigade, according to the “Xiamen Special Economic Zone rail transit Regulations” article 46, fined the female passenger 2,000 yuan.Subway access really, nothing don’t disorderly press!We all travel, in public places, must comply with the order of the bus, do not temporarily curious, brews a big event!

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