Sex is essential to achieving great things.

What is Human Nature?That is, human nature, that is, human instinct, is the most essential difference between man and animals.Human nature is the biggest driving force that governs human action. It requires us not to do anything against human nature.Plato said, “Human nature will always incline to greed and selfishness, to the avoidance of pain, to the pursuit of pleasure without any reason.”Human nature has a bright side and a dark side.But a person, to achieve great things, must not understand “human nature”.In the early years of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang just pacified the world and needed to ship ships to transport food.But building a ship requires a lot of nails, and artisans often misrepresent the number of nails used to make a profit, so it is difficult to calculate how many nails a ship uses.On one occasion, Zhu yuanzhang ordered his craftsmen to build ships.Therefore, Zhu Yuanzhang led the civil and military officials to the river, ordered to build a ship burned.Soon the fire had burned the ship clean, and only a pile of nails remained.At this time, Zhu Yuanzhang ordered the nails to be collected and weighed, and the weight of the nails was only one tenth of the reported number.Instead of punishing them, Zhu determined the number of nails needed to build a ship according to the weight of the pile of nails.After that, ships were built to this standard, and no one dared to profit from it any more.Human nature is the only thing that remains unchanged.When you encounter difficult things, might as well from the Angle of humanity to think about the solution.What is Virtue?Virtue, namely virtue, virtue is the foundation of life.A person, to achieve great things, must not do without “virtue”.Once two empty cloth bags wanted to stand up and went to consult the gods.The fairy said, “If you two want to stand up, you must either have something to prop up your pockets, or someone else will lift you up with their hands.”So, a cloth bag hard to his belly filled with things, quickly filled, he also firmly when the stand up.But the other empty sack thought how hard it would be to fill the bag by himself. It would be better to wait for someone to come and pick him up.So he waited and waited. At last someone picked it up. The empty bag was very happy.As a result, the man saw nothing in it and threw it away.Misfortune befalls virtue without virtue.A person without a rich moral cultivation, it is difficult to have a better foothold in this world.A man of virtue will be respected.Virtue determines one’s future achievements.03 Understanding What is understanding?Comprehension is the ability to understand and understand things.One cannot achieve great things without “understanding”.Different people may encounter the same experience, but after the experience, they get completely different lives. The difference lies in people’s perception of the experience.For example, you are originally a very sincere person, so you have a good interpersonal relationship, there is always someone to help you in difficult times, at this time, you will feel the benefit of being sincere, and stick to this belief.But later, you change the environment, you find that the people around you are cheating, your sincerity in return is cheated, at this time, you will doubt whether to be sincere.A person can have no background, no savings, no appearance level, but must have savvy.What is Resilience?Resilience is the ability to recover from, and even gain strength and growth from, painful experiences.People are born with resilience.Patton once said, “The measure of a man’s success is not how high he climbs to the top, but how well he bounces when he hits the bottom.”A person who wants to achieve great things must have “toughness”.What is blood?Blood is the character of loyalty and sincerity.Blood, is the standard of life, but also the quality of life.Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty once said, “Those who commit crimes against the strong Han dynasty will be punished even though they are far away.” This is a kind of national dignity, but also a kind of bloody embodiment.Strong and bloody, not deliberately hypocritical, but from the heart of a state of mind.”Blood” means passion, responsibility and courage.A person, to achieve great things, must not have “blood”.Some things, encountered, have to do, even under the siege on all sides with scars, also never retreat.

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