Qiao Xinsheng: How to deal with the Uncertainty of the United States

To solve the problems in China-Us relations, the US first needs to change its mentality.However, the U.S. will not easily change its China policy unless it is hit by reality.Beijing, January 27, 2022 (Xinhua) –On 27 January 2022, The State Councilor and Foreign Minister took a phone call with the US Secretary of State.The US Secretary of State said on the phone that it is important for the two foreign ministers to communicate regularly. The US and China both have overlapping interests and differences, and the US is willing to manage differences in a responsible manner.The ONE China policy of the United States remains unchanged.The United States is rooting for American athletes to participate in the Winter Olympics in Beijing, and we wish the people of China a happy New Year.Recalling Washington’s decision to boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics, it is reasonable to believe that the US has to change its position in the face of practical interests.Since the turn of the century, china-us relations have undergone drastic changes.America’s attitude towards China is getting worse and worse.The reason for this phenomenon is that China and the United States are increasingly trading off each other.China is making great strides into the ranks of modern nations, while the SUN is setting on the US as the world’s number one hegemonic power.The United States has suffered from misjudgments in its handling of a range of international affairs and bilateral relations.The extremely irresponsible attitude adopted by the United States in dealing with the relations between the two countries has brought the relations between the two countries to a low point.The US continues to provoke and create tension, which has brought greater uncertainty to the development of China-Us relations.In fact, as a country with a relatively short history of civilization, the United States is always uncertain.In dealing with foreign affairs, the United States emphasizes pragmatism and extreme realism. In order to achieve its own goals, the United States will do whatever it can, which makes sino-US relations always in an uncertain state.If China manages its relationship with the United States from a strategic point of view and in accordance with its established policies, it will become more and more obvious that the two countries are out of step with each other.To solve the problems in China-Us relations, the US first needs to change its mentality.However, the U.S. will not easily change its China policy unless it is hit by reality.The US is trying to bluff China into making concessions.But in the face of China’s hardline stance, Washington realised it had hit a dead end.In handling China-Us relations, China must change its strategy and adopt a more positive and pragmatic approach to safeguard China’s national interests and the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies.First of all, The traditional Chinese philosophy and culture as well as China’s diplomatic thinking determine that When dealing with Sino-US relations, China always stresses the overall situation and is willing to make concessions on some issues in order to maintain sino-US relations.However, the United States does not understand China’s traditional culture and does not believe that China is a country of peaceful development.The US emphasizes that it treats China “from a position of strength”, in fact, it warns China that the US is the only hegemonic power in the world, and relying on its position of strength, the US can strike China with a devastating blow at any time.However, now the US government and opposition have finally realized that the Chinese people are united as one, and it will be even more difficult for the US to contain China’s development.That is why the US is willing to lower itself and discuss issues with China.However, the willingness to negotiate does not mean that the United States has given up its hegemonic strategy.China has adopted a series of diplomatic strategies in dealing with sino-US relations, which is the fundamental reason for the us to change its position.If the diplomat in Alaska anchorage talks, Chinese diplomats, for us to speak up, so, deputy secretary of state to visit in tianjin, China, Chinese diplomats put forward a series of listing, Chinese state councilor and foreign minister for improving china-us relations, makes us clearly realize that the United States to China virtual sound,Not enough to change China.China has gone from passive defense to active counterattack and put forward conditions to the US. This shows that China is well aware of the nature of the US as a strong and weak country and its position and strategy in dealing with China-Us relations.China’s offer of conditions is intended to make the United States realize that its political and diplomatic antics should come to an end, and that the United States must come back to the right position, take seriously its mistakes and adopt a cautious, objective and pragmatic attitude in handling the issue of China-Us relations.It is fair to say that after the US has hit a wall again and again, the us bluff tactics are hardly effective in dealing with sino-US relations.The United States must face the reality and earnestly solve the fundamental problems affecting the development of Sino-US relations, because only in this way can the United States get what it wants.Second, In the past, China only made verbal statements and stated its position in a solemn manner, but did not take concrete actions.In recent days, however, China has been warning the United States not to act rashly.The US conducts large-scale military exercises in and around China’s South China Sea, and its aircraft carriers aggressively dive directly into China’s territorial waters and contiguous zone, in the belief that the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army will not act.But the commanders of the American aircraft carrier and the American destroyer never expected that the Chinese frigate would fire live rounds to warn the American ship.When a US aircraft carrier tries to enter China’s territorial waters and contiguous zone, Chinese missiles directly lock on a US warship, which could be buried at any time.Us government officials have been making trouble to strengthen ties with Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has sent fighter jets to patrol Taiwan’s airspace in a special way to defend China’s sovereignty.The concrete actions taken by China have made the United States sobering aware that China is no longer a country with only words but no deeds. China will stop at nothing to safeguard its core interests.In the face of China’s strong will and decisive action, the United States has to consider that it will pay a heavy price if it continues to stir up trouble over China’s sovereignty and territorial issues.The REASON why the US Congress and the US federal government are making a fuss about the Taiwan issue is that China has not yet achieved complete reunification and the ruling democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan is trying to achieve Taiwan’s independence with the help of the US.The United States believes that by making a fuss over the Taiwan issue, it can cooperate with the outside and collude with the inside to contain China.However, China has always stressed that the initiative to solve the Taiwan issue lies in its own hands.China can act at any time to settle the Taiwan issue once and for all.Although the United States says it will support Taiwan in a critical moment.But even the United States did not believe it would do so.It is impossible for the United States to support Taiwan’s independence because it cannot afford all the consequences that would follow.The Taiwan issue is the “last hold” for the US.The United States tries to use the Taiwan issue to gain more benefits.However, Taiwan is a part of China, and the Us’ drain on fishing has overwhelmed the Taiwanese people.If the United States continues to stir up trouble over Taiwan, there are two possible consequences. First, the United States will completely lose its largest and booming consumer market, the Chinese mainland.Second, the US will lose the support of China, the world’s largest developing country, and the US will become more embarrassed in the international community.The United States tried to unite its western strategic Allies to impose comprehensive sanctions on China, but no matter how hard the United States tried, it could not build a strategic alliance to contain China.The American boycott was a bust.China has won more and more friends with its vision of peaceful development.America’s supposed alliances, based on a “position of power”, have always collapsed at critical moments.The United States has asked European Union nations to impose sanctions on Russia and NATO members to supply arms to Ukraine.However, France and Germany are leading the opposition.Some NATO members continue to send weapons to Ukraine, but as it is seen, Russia is a strategic nuclear power, and the former Soviet republics have to be wary of Russia’s aggressive posture.Unceremoniously can be said that the United States wants to lay siege to Russia, north Atlantic treaty organization want Ukraine to provoke conflict, however, whether it is a main member of the north Atlantic treaty organization, or Ukraine have clearly realized, if take the initiative to attack, so is to fire, which is why the United States in Europe for Russia’s strategic attempt,Never achieved the desired results.In East Asia, the United States tried to unite with Japan and other strategic Allies to create trouble on the Taiwan issue, forcing China to solve the Taiwan issue in advance and achieve national reunification.However, the Chinese mainland’s position on the Taiwan question remains unchanged. On the one hand, the Chinese mainland has strengthened its ties with Taiwan compatriots and tried every means to solve their practical problems.On the other hand, he directly warned Taiwan’s ruling democratic Progressive Party (DPP) not to commit suicide on the road to Taiwan independence.If the ruling authorities of the Democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan dare to take the risk and declare Taiwan independence, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army can cross the Taiwan Strait at any time, wipe out the separatist criminals with the force of a thunderbolt, and truly achieve complete national reunification.On the surface, the United States is being aggressive, but a closer analysis reveals that American officials are bluffing.The extremely irresponsible attitude adopted by the United States in dealing with its relations with China has brought serious consequences to the United States.At present, China mainly adopts the following strategies in dealing with sino-US relations: First, it insists on considering sino-US relations from a strategic perspective, but in the face of an uncertain Us, China is tit for tat, and the US takes practical actions to defend its national interests, which the US can do nothing about.Second, China is committed to handling china-us relations in accordance with international law and always stands on the legal and moral high ground. Provocative actions by the US can only bring embarrassment and humiliation. China stands on the side of justice.Third, China in dealing with relationship between China and the United States, have given up fantasy, fully aware that the United States is a country with a civilization history is relatively short, us foreign policy is full of uncertainty, China will not change because of a few U.S. diplomat speech own development strategy, also won’t because the U.S. congress to pass some laws, and change the strategic target of China’s modernization.China is making great strides forward with its own practical actions.I have pointed out many times that China and the United States are like two cars running in two streams. China is willing to compete with the United States, but China’s first consideration is the feelings of the Chinese people.China will not have a head-on collision with the US because the US does not have the guts.Although the United States has the world’s largest Arsenal of weapons and the most advanced strategic weapons, it does not dare to make rash moves against China, a permanent member of the UN Security Council.China will be neither servile nor pushy in meeting the challenges of the United States, and will handle the disputes between China and the United States based on the principle of practical interests.(The author is a professor at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law and a senior researcher at Kunlun Ce Research Institute;Source: Kunlun Ce Network, transferred from the “Qiao Xinsheng” wechat public account;Pictures from the Internet, deleted)

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