“The world” with three details to prove that Feng Huacheng is a wit, but also a rogue

Feng Turned into after prison to Beijing, enough to prove that this person has a serious illness.In fact, he recited poems in public, which showed that he was the evil star of the Zhou family.Zhou Rong did not return home as promised, Li Suhua was ill in bed, the fuse is Feng Into prison (of course, bingkun improper handling is also to blame).He asked for it when He went to prison.He read poems by politicians in public.Feng Huacheng’s political sense of smell is low, which is the absurdity of The Times, not his original sin.His original sin was to do what he wanted.Guo Cheng suggested to him the use of the death of political figures gathered trouble, Feng Cheng did not take it seriously, still to read his poetry with emotion.As a result, two passers-by in order to seize Feng’s poem fight, Feng Has also been implicated.It was the husband and wife who returned home, but it turned out to be nothing.At first glance, this is an accident.If we carefully analyze feng’s performance, we will find that this is the necessity of his life.Zhou Zhigang went to guizhou mountains to visit Zhou Rong, this is the first time he saw Feng Huacheng, the play has also used three details in suggesting that Feng Huacheng is zhou’s evil star.Zhou Rong loves flowers. Feng Huacheng will pick flowers for her even if he climbs cliffs and cliffs.It sounds great, but it’s scary.Because when you go to the cliff to pick flowers, there are usually two possibilities, either a successful flower gatherer, or a failed flower gatherer.Picking flowers on the cliff can prove Feng’s love for Zhou Rong, and it can also prove that Feng has no sense of risk.If he really loves Zhou Rong, he should live well instead of taking the risk of losing his life by picking flowers on a cliff.Once he goes to the cliff to pick flowers, he is inevitably faced with the possibility of what if he falls off the cliff?In the past, Su Dongpo and Zhang Dun climbed the mountain. When they passed the cliff, Zhang suggested that they should go to the cliff to write some words.Su Shi was afraid to go there.Zhang was very calm and went to write down five words, that is: su Shi, Zhang Dun lai.Su Shi told Zhang Dun, “You will surely be able to kill someone someday.”If Zhang Dun does not value his own life, he will certainly not value the life of others.Therefore, Su Shi would say that he could kill people.Picking flowers on the cliff and reading poems in public all show that Feng Has no enough sense of risk control.I am not against romance, and I support Feng Huacheng sending flowers to Zhou Rong.What I object to is risking your life to do something romantic.Love and marriage are ways of life that increase the quality of life, not the risk of death.Obviously, Feng Did not understand this truth.Feng Huacheng lost his mother and father when he was young. Before he went to college, he lived with his uncle and aunt.Here’s the point of the fantasy.After Feng Huacheng went to college, he never went back to his uncle’s house.That is to say, Feng Cheng and uncle cut off relations.Zhou rong also gave the reason that his aunt was particularly unkind to him.Feng’s relationship with his aunt was not good, and his relationship with his uncle is unknown at present.Zhou Rong did not mention that Feng Huacheng can live in uncle’s house, which can also infer that uncle’s attitude to Feng Huacheng, should be better than aunt.Even the uncle was a villain, to say the least.Feng Huacheng to the university, which can not leave the help of my uncle.Feng Huacheng angry aunt, human nature.To have nothing more to do with my uncle because I hated my aunt seemed like burning Bridges.Uncle took him in, give him a place to live, they have the grace of Feng Huacheng.The suspicion of Feng Cheng is very big.In addition, Before Feng Cheng and Zhou Rong together, he had already experienced the age of marriage, he has no marriage history, is also a very worthy of attention.Zhou Rong think Feng Huacheng is good, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.Love filter, inevitable.But she and Feng were different people.Zhou Rong defended his marriage with Feng Cheng, to Zhou Zhigang, determined not to divorce, if he involved the family, Zhou Rong will cut off contact with the family.”This means that she does not want to put her family at political risk by marrying a black man.She is willing to and Feng Huarong, will not pull the family into the water.To protect her family is the purpose of zhou Rong’s severing relations with them.Feng Huacheng cut ties with his uncle, because his aunt is not good to him.Zhou Rong cut ties with her family in order to protect them, bolt means bodhisattva heart.Feng Cheng and uncle cut off relations from hate, no heart of bodhisattva, but bolt means.I always feel that Behind feng’s honesty, there is a selfish cold-blooded side.Feng Huacheng and Zhou Rong are together because they share the same background — passionate personality.In the first episode, Zhou rong mentions her three books, one of which is 300 Tang Poems.Love poetry, dare to run to guizhou mountainous area for love, these are the performance of Zhou Rong passionate personality.Zhou Rong mentioned that they can get 18 yuan a month, compared to Feng Huarong’s 20 yuan a month, is to hope his father to see feng Huarong’s shining point.Eileen Chang once said that most women’s love is to be loved, But Zhou Rong can have the courage to love.She is a woman of love and water, and the man she loves is her lover.Feng Cheng’s passion personality, his poet identity, let Zhou Rong feel the joy of soul love.However, he is far from zhou Rong’s understanding of the world.In order not to let Feng Huacheng alone, Zhou Zhigang decided to accompany Zhou Rong Feng Huacheng together in Guizhou New Year.Zhou Rong asked Zhou Zhigang, “Mother will miss you?”Please pay attention to feng’s performance, like a wronged little servant girl, lowered her head in tears.I’m really convinced.Zhou Zhigang came all the way to see his daughter, in order not to let him alone, decided to stay in Guizhou for the New Year.Whenever Feng Huacheng has dim sum, he should show his loyalty to Zhou Zhigang.However, he burst into tears.Zhou Rong can not go down, directly ridicule Feng Huacheng.”People change people’s hearts, four for half catty”, sincere feelings always know to give each other positive feedback, “you are good to me, I want to treat you better”.Feng Cheng to Zhou Zhigang kowtow, when the son is his standard answer.Zhou Rong in the side to Talk to Feng Huarong, said son-in-law is also son, Feng Huarong this to Zhou Zhigang kneeling.Feng Huacheng in front of Zhou Zhigang’s performance, really unqualified.Zhou Zhigang recognized Feng Huacheng, in the final analysis is to see Zhou Rong face, just love me love my dog.Zhou Rong is in love with Feng Cheng, said she would not divorce Feng Cheng, but is a teenager.Marriage is like having a baby. One person can’t do it.Zhou Rong can love Feng Into a lifetime, Feng into zhou Rong can send a lifetime of flowers, love her for a lifetime?If Feng Turned into the ordinary after the derailment, cheating, see other love poetry of the little girl will not close the legs, Zhou Rong and Feng Turned into a divorce?Zhou rong has such a strong personality that she will definitely get divorced.Life is not a hundred years, but will believe the vows of eternal love.Feng Huacheng this only talent without responsibility of the man can be loved, after all, Is Zhou Rong too young.

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