Lantern riddles tax feelings!Tieshan District Tax Bureau launches 2022 tax publicity activities

Tax officials guess lantern riddles at the gate of the Tax office in Tieshan District.On the morning of February 15th, the door of the tax service hall of the Tieshan District Tax Bureau in Huangshi City, The State Administration of Taxation was bustling with laughter.A series of activities of guessing tax riddles with the theme of “I do practical things for taxpayers and facilitate people to do tax spring Breeze action” are opened here.”I am a unit of tax personnel, often to do business in the tax service hall, today is to come to self-help invoices.Tax riddles are very interesting. I not only learned tax knowledge, but also understood and learned the operation of purchasing invoices on the palm. I was very happy.”Hongfu new material financial staff Luo Xiaoman guessed the lantern riddle, while using a mobile phone to scan the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code of Chutaxong, the installation of experience APP, while very happy to tax cadres said.She gushed about the convenience and speed of doing taxes today.”Today, I have a more convenient and efficient tax APP on my mobile phone, and many tax-related businesses really stay at home.”The riddles on the lanterns in other places are constantly attracting passers-by to stop.Correspondents for the map lanterns, laughing, guessing riddles, busy consulting.Taxpayers and tax officials smile, daily knowledge association for mystery, tax knowledge and preferential policies for mystery, ingenious lantern riddles, around the latest tax and fee reduction policies, current affairs hot issues, so that we can learn all kinds of tax knowledge while celebrating the traditional festival.At the same time, tax hall also set up to understand the riddle, equipped with interpreters, for taxpayers to answer questions, attracted taxpayers enthusiastic participation.It is understood that the lantern Riddle guessing campaign is the beginning of the 2022 tax publicity activities of the Tieshan District Tax Bureau.Du Linbin, head of the Tieshan District Tax bureau, said: “We aim to combine lantern riddles and traditional culture with tax publicity to expand the coverage of publicity and make more people pay attention to and care about tax.””In the New Year, Tieshan District Tax Bureau will continue to carry out the ‘I do practical things for taxpayers and facilitate people to do tax Spring Breeze action’.”Du Linbin said, “the next step will be carefully publicized and implemented to facilitate tax payment measures for taxpayers to do a good job, actively for the development of local market players into ‘tax power’.”

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