Officials have been criticized for being friendly and self-reliant

Zhao Jinhai recently reread the book Lu Yulan by Jiang Shan, a senior reporter of Xinhua News Agency, and was once again moved by the deeds of Lv Yulan, a famous model worker, a good public servant of the people and female secretary of the provincial Party Committee.In April 1978, Lv Yulan wrote a few rhyming sentences in her notebook: “We should never forget to work hard and plain living is the noblest.Be wholehearted for the people and be yourself first.”When Ms. Lu became party secretary, she began living in an office with a suite at the provincial party organ.Yulan had a child, his wife was transferred from Beijing to Shijiazhuang, his sister and yulan’s mother also came to Shijiazhuang to help her take the child, the provincial party committee office first for her in the provincial party committee infirmary in the bungalow, squeezed out two rooms, temporarily set up a home.Considering yulan housing difficulties, let her move from the bungalow to the provincial leadership of shijiazhuang red Army road in a two-storey building.The original rent for this house was 2 yuan a month, but it increased to 20 yuan a month.At that time Yulan or work points plus subsidies, linxi county east to stay good solid village every day remember 10 division of labor, provincial party organs monthly subsidies her 40 yuan.High dry building rent is high, a month to take up half of her subsidies, she asked the authorities to move to weiming street provincial government workers dormitory building on the first floor.The rent was low, there was a small plot of land out front for growing vegetables and a few chickens.Yulan’s father had been used to a hard life in the countryside. When he saw the cabbage in the market in the city, he always said, “Oh, what a good dish!”I just pick them off the street.Read writer Yuan Houchun’s reportage “First Secretary of The Provincial Party Committee,” about Gao Yang when he was first secretary of Hebei province.Gao Yang was already 73 years old when he came to Hebei. For convenience, his wife followed him to Hebei to take care of him.At that time, the provincial leaders’ office building was an old two-story brick and concrete building.Gao Yang and his wife live in an office of the provincial Party committee. “Their bed is in one corner of the square office!”Yuan Houchun for this scenario, the author wrote a sigh with emotion: he fell on the tables with the province’s most important documents, writing, reading, from morning to night, his wife was sitting on the bed, watching him, accompany her, knitting her weave forever sweater, or take a novel pace (five years she had read the book), or give him cook some porridge, wash clothes…Zhou Benshun, the former party chief of Hebei province who fell from power, lived in a 16-room, two-story house with an area of more than 800 square meters.The detached building was originally a guest house for a unit.Zhou Benshun’s hometown is hunan, like to eat Hunan flavor, he invited from Hunan can do hunan chef.He likes to raise birds, feed dogs, but also hired people to raise birds, feed dogs for him, to guard the house for him, there are several service personnel.Officials are good and irresponsible, since someone commented.January 31, 2022

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