Roadside stone prefabrication production line equipment

Roadside stone prefabricated production equipment is a professional, mechanized production of roadside stone production line.Road stone generally refers to the boundary stone at the edge of the road, also known as tooth stone or edge stone, it is on the road to distinguish the road, sidewalk, green space, isolation belt and other parts of the road boundary, to ensure the safety of pedestrians, vehicles and ensure the road edge neat.Luyandan casting casting production equipment, automatic production line of concrete ro/ro car material automatic production of various kinds of casting, diagonal loading, horizontal rail of roller, vibration forming, material boxes push, forklift drying, used for field bridge, highway, airport, highway, city roads, village and other kinds of road opposite sides-to hold the efficient production, luyandan.Advantages of the production equipment for prefabricated stone along the road: motor automatic and manual control of material cutting, forming, continuous transmission completed, safe and stable operation, easy maintenance.More than 60 kinds of small precast components with different specifications, such as hollow hexagon block, kerb stone, measuring stone and cable trough, can be produced by simply changing the mold.Adopt high quality motor and national standard I-steel, the outer frame adopts super type and special welding technology to manufacture, durable, can not stop for 24 hours.Luyandan casting production equipment construction site luyandan casting production equipment construction site luyandan casting production equipment is a kind of double helix automatically luyandan prefabrication automatic production line, the concrete cutting for high slump concrete precast, luyandan take different plastic mold can complete different specifications in the shape of a small prefabricated cement.Construction site of prefabricated parts production equipment along the road

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