Spring Festival Gala “only this green” lead dance is our Henan Zhoukou girl!He will tour in Zhengzhou this year

Tian Lin, Li Kang, Wang Shiwei, Zhou Kou girl, Meng Qingyang, principal dancer of Oriental Song and Dance Troupe.In 2015, Jasmine in 2021 and This is the Only Green in 2022, she has appeared on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala for the third time.After this year’s Spring Festival Gala, # Chuchuyang Meng Qingyang was trending on Weibo. Meng Qingyang’s hair is tall and green, accompanied by the cadent sound of guqin, and other dancers are performing mountains and mountains in a quiet atmosphere.In particular, the “anti-physics” dance movement “green waist” surprised netizens to call: the United States cried!So shocked!”The ‘green waist’ is called ‘dangerous peak’ in our dance, which shows the sense of the towering edges and corners of the mountains. This movement completely depends on the ability of the waist and abdomen muscles of the actors. In order to present this movement to freeze the moment on the stage, we have to work overtime after rehearsal.”Meng Qingyang said.”In the dance, WHAT I play is not a character, but the image of ‘green’, which is also wang Ximeng’s painting spirit in ‘A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains’. The green color in the painting has not faded after thousands of years. We present this historical precipitation to everyone with our own dance.”One minute on stage, ten years of work off stage.Meng Qingyang with “Only This Green” dance hit the Internet, inseparable from her more than 20 years of dance training.Meng Qingyang was born in Zhoukou in 1992. She left Zhoukou at the age of 9 and went to Beijing to study dance. She was gifted in dance since childhood.”I insist because I love it.This year is all green and 2021 is going to be green…”This is a message from Meng Qingyang’s moments at 0:16 on February 1.”Because of the Spring Festival Gala performance, I have not been back to my hometown zhoukou for the Spring Festival for two years, but I want to bring you a surprise. The second round of the national tour of ‘Only This Green’ will start in 2022, and I will perform in Zhengzhou soon.””‘ Only This Green ‘has toured 51 times in 18 cities across China, and it has become a hard to get tickets for offline performances before the Spring Festival Gala,” Meng told reporters.The second round of the national tour is expected to start in March 2022, and Zhengzhou will also be one of its stops. People who want to watch it live must book tickets online in advance.”According to Meng Qingyang, in the spring of the Year of the Tiger, there was a group dance from “Only This Green” on display.The whole dance poem drama is based on the chapters of “scroll exhibition, ask seal script, sing silk, find stone, brush learning, ink hardening, painting”. It tells the story of a young researcher from the Palace Museum who “traverses” back to the Northern Song Dynasty and “peepers” the painter Wang Ximeng’s creation of “A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains” from the perspective of “scroll exhibition”.”The whole dance and poetry drama lasted nearly two hours. In order to create Only This Green, the directors first studied The Map of Thousands of Rivers and Mountains, and then almost read the poems and paintings of the Song Dynasty. It took nearly one year and eight months to put only this Green on the stage.”Meng Qingyang told reporters.”Because of my work, I haven’t been back to my hometown for the Spring Festival for two years. Zhoukou has a long history and culture. As an artist, I am also very concerned about the development of my hometown’s cultural undertakings.Through the elephant News, Meng Qingyang wishes all of you a happy New Year and a happy Year of the Tiger.

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