The best bleachers are reserved for wheelchair users, and the accessibility of the Beijing Winter Paralympics features these highlights

The 13th Paralympic Winter Games will be held in Beijing and Zhangjiakou, Hebei province, from March 4 to 13, 2022.A press conference on ice and snow sports for the disabled and Beijing Winter Paralympics is held at the Beijing Press Center in Beijing, Capital of China, Feb. 20, 2022.Dong Lianmin, vice president of Beijing Disabled Persons’ Federation, and Yang Qifeng, vice president of Hebei Disabled Persons’ Federation introduced the development of ice and snow sports for the disabled in Beijing and Hebei province and the construction of barrier-free facilities.Beijing’s barrier-free services have met the requirements for a simple, safe and exciting event, Dong lianmin said at a press conference.Beijing has conducted multiple rounds of “physical examinations” at 108 Olympic-related sites and their surrounding areas.Eight competition venues and two Winter Olympic villages (Paralympic Villages) are barrier-free. 25 hospitals designated for the Winter Olympics, 60 hotels contracted for the Winter Olympic Games and seven hotels contracted for the Winter Paralympic Games have all been renovated for barrier-free facilities.9,858 points within 1 km around the Olympic-involved sites were upgraded.At the same time, attention is paid to the details of the design, the best position of the stadium stands reserved for wheelchair users, locker rooms, toilets, barrier-free rooms to achieve full slope, full rounded corners, full low.In addition, intelligent means are blooming in many places. Mobile phones provide barrier-free route navigation, and the “Digital human system for winter Olympics sign Language broadcasting” has been put into use.Badaling High-speed Railway Station cable-pull box barrier-free elevator drop of more than 80 meters, becoming the first in China.The use of lamps, air conditioners and curtains in the Winter Paralympic Village has been independently controlled.Induction sensing system, voice prompt system to meet the needs of disabled athletes.In view of the fact that the walking distance of the Olympic Games is long in the Olympic Central area, barrier-free shuttle bus configuration is increased, relay service, drop-off area, security inspection area, venue area barrier-free service flow line is seamless.In view of the recent extreme snow weather, increase the frequency of ferry operation.Optimize the spectator route and choose safe and convenient route as far as possible.Since the opening of the Winter Olympics, more than 100 visitors have received barrier-free services, Dong said.Beijing’s co-hosting of the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Zhangjiakou, Hebei province, has had a profound impact on the cause of disabled people in Hebei province, Yang Qifeng said.Over the past six years, hebei province has carried out all winter sports for the disabled, and the competitive level has improved rapidly. Mass ice and snow sports have been popularized. A total of 500,000 disabled people have participated in ice and snow sports in Hebei Province.He said winter sports for disabled people in Hebei province experienced a leap from scratch, from weak to strong.In order to prepare for the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games, Hebei province set up all 6 sports teams in 2016, and selected 105 athletes from the province for systematic training. In recent years, the competitive level of various winter sports for the disabled in Hebei province has been rapidly improved.At present, 34 athletes from Hebei province have been preliminarily selected for the Chinese sports delegation to the Beijing Winter Paralympics, accounting for more than one third of the total number of athletes.It is the first province to participate in all 6 sports.Hebei province has set up 548 self-strengthening sports and fitness demonstration sites for the disabled, and trained more than 6,000 fitness instructors for the disabled.Hebei province has formulated and issued the Implementation Plan of Hebei Province for Sports Education in Special Education Schools for Winter Paralympic Games, encouraging students from special education schools to participate in snow and ice sports step by step and stage by stage.To strengthen the construction of the backbone team of physical education for the Winter Paralympic Games, the special training class of physical education for the Winter Paralympic Games has been held for four consecutive years, and more than 500 sets of dry ground curling and roller skates have been distributed to special education schools in the province.Beijing News reporter Wu Tingting, editor Liu Mengjie, proofreader Zhao Lin

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