Universities in Qingqing welcome the “peak” of students’ return to school, “Prevention of physical and mental Health” to create a “Safe Opening Season”

Qingdao Daily/View sea News February 19 – spring semester is about to begin, colleges and universities in Qingqing ushered in students back to school “peak”.Guanhai news reporters learned that in order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, all schools required students to return to school in batches and at different times of peak. Schools also conducted epidemic prevention and control drills in advance and carried out environmental disinfection and ventilation measures to create a “safe opening season”.On February 19, Qingdao University welcomed the fourth group of students, namely students from outside the province, to return to school, thus entering the “peak period” of students returning to school.Qdu Peng Shuangfeng tells a reporter, director of the center for student affairs student management and service, the first three group of school students including medical students, place (or back to school via) level in high risk areas within 14 days or a local outbreak of students, fewer overall, plus the back to school students outside the province, nearly 9000 people to finish school.On February 20, students in the province will return to school as the fifth batch of students, which has more than 28,000 students.In addition, another 116 students have postponed their return to school due to the outbreak, and will be arranged to return to school after the local area is downgraded to a low-risk area.On February 21, the school will begin classes.In addition to Qingda, some other universities have arranged for students to return to school recently.For example, students from outside China University of Petroleum (East China) and those who have lived in Shandong province for less than 14 days when they return to school have completed the registration and registration on February 16-17, and those from within China University of Petroleum and those who have lived in Shandong province for more than 14 days when they return to school have completed the registration and registration on February 19-20.Students of Ocean University of China returned to campus during the off-peak period from February 18 to 20.In addition, students from Qingdao University of Science and Technology will return to school in three batches from February 24 to 27, while students from Qingdao University of Technology will return to school in two batches from February 26 to 27.In order to ensure the safety and health of students returning to school, colleges and universities in Qingdao are required to check the health status of teachers and students, and ask students and staff to do a good job of “health punch”, travel track report, nucleic acid test and application for returning to school in advance.Do a good job in disinfection and ventilation of classrooms, canteens, dormitories and other places, as well as food safety inspection, comprehensive cleaning and disinfection of drinking fountains and reservoirs, and stock of epidemic prevention and control materials;Drills on epidemic prevention and control were organized before the spring semester began to improve emergency response capabilities.Some universities are also concerned about the psychological safety and health of students. For example, Qingdao University will carry out a comprehensive psychological screening for all students after the new semester, so as to help students relieve anxiety and pressure caused by the epidemic and the postgraduate entrance examination, and help students start the new semester with high spirits.(Qingdao Daily/Sea View News reporter Wang Muyuan)

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