Wu Guoying: Talk about the Recently painted Falling

Wu Guoying has just finished his painting “Falling”. He has been thinking about it for a while, and has been painting for more than a month. During this time, he has some touching thoughts and many thoughts.For a long time there has been an image in my mind, that is, when a person falls to the bottom line of morality for countless times consciously or unconsciously, whether her soul is suffering and punished?And if there is a So-called Avalokitesvara bodhisattva, a Buddha, in the face of people’s SINS, in the face of moral degradation, would she reach out to lift her up and save these falling souls?Say avalokitesvara bodhisattva seems too unreal, how to do a mortal?And so came this idea, this image:A blindfolded woman ribbon, keep your hands open, as if she knows someone fell, with open arms, intended to pick up (save), but she should also know that she is unable to meet also does not pick up, because she also struggled in that environment, also appears to be, not their own fall in face they too much temptation, they cannot around myself,So can only keep falling, her eyes out of tears of sadness, even heartbroken out of blood tears.The extra or overlapping hands and feet in the picture is my intention, because there are many desires and temptations, naturally I want to give birth to more hands and feet.But perhaps people do not know, even if you are covered with numerous hands and feet, how much you can get, and heart load, digestive problems, in the end may not be good, but harmful to the body.The fall may be slow, gradual and harmless, but it may not be irreversible or impossible to stop, and the fall and rise may be just a moment.The fish in the picture came by chance. Originally, I wanted to paint a collapsed stone carving, but the effect was not good, so I decided to paint a goldfish instead. Since I could not see the goldfish, I simply made up the picture.After painting, I feel very fun, adding some harmonious atmosphere and clever elements to the picture, especially the bad smile and sly smile on the fish face, which is very infectious.This fish is like my incarnation, shifty head, wandering around in this world, come to have no since, go to have no can go.(please don’t blame I just drew a woman without a man), actually female models are just my symbol in the picture, so women sitting position can also be regarded as myself, is the picture of me, is there with her eyes, with open arms, intended to hold up to fall, slide the soul, but weak and incompetent (even already broken foot), but in the fall itself, suffer or struggle,Gradually sink down, unable to extricate themselves, because no one can from this era.But because I am awake, I weep, I suffer, I pity.February 17, 2012 in Toronto, the author of this article is contemporary surrealist painter Wu Guoying (Calligraphy works of Wu Guoying, photography of Zhao Meiyang)

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