Yueyang Notice on the treatment of CCTV 3.15 evening party exposure

After the CCTV 3.15 party exposed the related problems of huarong County Huaqi Vegetable industry, Jinrui Food and Junshan District Yayuan pickles, Haixia pickles, Tantan Beauty food 5 enterprises, the leaders of the Municipal Party Committee and the government attached great importance to, the first time to dispatch the disposal;A joint law enforcement team composed of market supervision and public security departments, led by local party and government leaders, rushed to the enterprises overnight, sealed up all the products, controlled the relevant personnel of the enterprises, immediately initiated retrospective recall measures for export products, and completely stopped farmers’ pickling in the pits.At the same time, since today, a joint law enforcement team composed of market supervision, agriculture, public security and other departments has been organized to conduct a comprehensive investigation on pickled pickled cabbage production enterprises in the city, and carry out a comprehensive traceability investigation on pickled pickled cabbage products in the market to prevent unqualified products from entering the market.Relevant details are being further handled.Source: Yueyang

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