@ Chairmen of trade unions, the application and filing of Zhangye 2022 Annual Labor and Skill Competition project has begun!

Miss the sunset, you can look forward to the stars, but miss this year’s labor and skills competition filing, you will have to wait for next year!You heard right, although “No leisure in winter” labor competition is in progress, the application and filing of zhangye 2022 Annual Labor and skill Competition project will be kicked off again, aren’t you happy and excited?But before that, the little worker still has a few words to say, very important oh!Key projects (projects) labor competition: key projects (projects) must be the provincial, municipal and county development and reform departments in 2022 investment plan under construction and new projects, as well as the approval and renewal of projects before 2022.2. Labor Competition in Industrial parks: a comprehensive labor competition organized in the industrial parks to better play the agglomeration, demonstration, driving and radiation role of industrial parks in the city’s economic and social development.3. Non-public enterprise labor contest: around service entity economy development, promote the non-public enterprises bigger and stronger, extensive value type, research type, skilled, safe, economical and high quality to promote enterprise growth labor competition, service innovation, value-added efficiency, make enterprise brand, enhance the corporate image, promote the sustained and healthy development of enterprises.4. Municipal Industrial Labor Competition:Focus on “four one screen at a city five districts” goal, focus on the supply side structural reforms, surrounding the ecological environmental protection industry, advanced manufacturing, modern service industry, the global tourism industry and other key industries (industry), innovation and development, industrial upgrading, and mass transfer efficiency in key areas and links, improve industry core competitive ability, advanced technology and management level, organization of labor competition in various fields.5. Post meritocrity competition of organs and public institutions: Based on the actual working conditions of organs and public institutions, we will comprehensively promote professional training, post training and skill competition activities to continuously improve the comprehensive quality of cadres and staff of organs and public institutions.Worker vocational skills competition project application scope proposed in 2022 organizations in the region, and this unit worker vocational skill competitions in the industry, focus on advanced manufacturing and modern service industry, optimize and upgrade traditional industries, energy conservation, environmental protection, ecological civilization and green development, important people’s livelihood, digital domain, a new form of employment in areas such as competitions (type of work).For the advanced collectives and advanced individuals emerging from the labor and skills competition in 2022, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions will be the key recommendation object of various advanced models in the trade union system.The units with active work and outstanding performance in the activities of labor and skill competition will be given a certain financial subsidy according to “Reward and Subsidy Measures for Zhangye Labor and skill Competition (Trial)”.Just received the Spring Festival red envelope, and caught up with the labor union welfare.Is your little heart beating a little fast? Take five deep breaths and then focus on what’s important.1. Clear the competition plan.To apply for the competition, specific competition plan, clear competition objectives, implementation of competition measures, and improvement of competition assessment mechanism shall be required.2. Clarify reporting responsibilities.Any project that has not been declared for record will not be included in the advanced selection scope of all kinds of competitions and the objects of funds award and subsidy.3. Define a timeline.All relevant units shall fill in the Application Form of Zhangye 2022 Labor Competition, Application Form of Zhangye 2022 Staff Vocational Skills Competition and Summary Form of Zhangye 2022 Labor Competition according to the actual conditions, and submit to the Economic and Technical Department of Zhangye Federation of Trade Unions for the record in the form of electronic files and text materials before February 20, 2022.Today’s preview is here, is it good excited to think about it!That still wait for what, hemp slip son ground, launch friend circle, call on small partner, come to report actively to prepare it.Look forward to meeting with you!Written by mu Brilliant Bai Dandan, Municipal Federation of Trade Unions Editor: Ren Yuan

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