Csia phase II project is expected to accelerate the trial production in the second quarter during the Spring Festival

As the first ten-billion-level new energy project after the implementation of xiamen’s “big investment, big business” strategy, the second phase project of CSIA, located in Xiang ‘an Necuo, is under construction.During the Spring Festival of this year, including the workers of the second phase of the project, a total of more than 3,000 employees of CSIA Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. will stay in xiamen and continue to promote the project construction.Into the site of the project the workers are busy working at the moment, phase ii project is ongoing device entry, such as feeding the debugging work running under the load of forklift, crane, then gradually into the plant workers carry equipment in order to specify the location for installation project direct current, create sia schedule of phase ii project has been completed by about 80%,It is expected to be put into trial production in the second quarter of this year, followed by commissioning of equipment.After the completion of the second phase of the project, the production capacity of CSIA will reach 20G watt-hour, and CSIA will become the largest lithium battery manufacturer in The city at the present stage, providing new momentum for improving the supporting facilities of the new energy automobile industry in The city and promoting the high-quality development of the industrial chain.The tiger Spring Festival we have learned, during the Spring Festival, in order to make leave mansion staff have a peaceful Spring Festival, create Singapore airlines had to leave a mansion staff prepared generous benefits, in addition to the family reunion dinner, goodies for Chinese New Year package, and the temple fair, small games and other activities, at the same time also will be subject to the employees during the Spring Festival attendance and working condition appraisal reward,Employees can receive a bonus of up to 4,500 yuan.Create sia technology (xiamen) co., LTD. Trade union chairman, said giudice lc during the Chinese New Year, we have also prepared a series of cultural activities, such as large temple fair, in the event we will give you some free goods in the New Year, there are also some write Spring Festival couplets, games, activities, etc., hope leave mansion staff together to have a peaceful and happy New Year.(Source: Xiang ‘an Rong Media Center)

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