Remembering the New Year by Liu Meixiong

The last day of New Year’s Eve, is about to usher in the New Year;Tonight tossing and turning, a long time hard to sleep!Ringing out the old and ringing in the new, Chinese ancient spread;Like to see children and grandchildren around the knee, still recall childhood New Year.The past vividly in my eyes, and now I see: every December in the town, the streets are bustling!Ciba potato chips on the left, sweet sherry on the right;Smoked chicken and fish bacon, every madadayo smoke.You send a bowl of pig’s blood, I salute a cigarette;Friendship, affection and warmth, transfer neighborhood!Families like to stick Couplets, firecrackers near and far, adults visit relatives and friends, children close to the side.Snow stilts swim dou, full of iron ring madness;Haystack play hide-and-seek, happy to save pressure old change!New Year’s eve children’s laughter, lingering before the dining room;Although the day is bitter, the whole family happy smile!Rarely a few days of leisure, mother picked up a needle;Father teaches his child before his bed.Worship the New Year in the first month, must catch fifteen before;Shake flower boat dress up as clam shell, play waist drum music!Elders figure a reunion, the younger pray for the New Year;A safe family is better than a thousand dollars!Childhood has been far away, memory forever attention;The motherland is prosperous and the people live a long life!About the author: Liu Meixiong, love music, recitation, sports, travel, good friends, love life.Therefore, the net name calls itself ‘old immortal’.Worked in the financial sector for many years, served as “senior executive” and general manager, title of economist.I also love to write some text after work at ordinary times, rarely published, just for my own entertainment!Editor: Li Jun

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