Welcome winter Olympics product qiang play!To Wenchuan, a carefree song sheng Shinian!

The “%” than a see easy song · ShengShiNian wishing you peace joy song all the way Laughing all the way to celebrate the games, celebrating the Spring Festival in wenchuan county, “the year of the tiger” is a series of show rich people’s cultural life during the festival activities to create a happy and peaceful festive atmosphere for the easy add pose society.with the wenchuan, inject new vitality!At the same time, the small tour also prepared a carefree intangible cultural heritage for everyone, qiang play trip so that everyone can have a carefree song in Wenchuan flourishing years!Qiang opera to celebrate the Spring Festival, happy New Year features qiang opera to find the taste of the New Year, not also happy “tiger” New Year!Wenchuan as the first tianfu tourism county, the south gate of Aba Prefecture, there are good mountains and good water more good scenery.In addition to these, Wenchuan’s traditional intangible cultural heritage can also be called a unique qiang opera “Gong Lang Son asking for Love” is one of them!”Gong Lang Son for Marriage” belongs to the typical Qiang nationality lantern opera, is adapted from the qiang opera “Gong Lang Son for marriage” recorded in Wenchuan County annals, is listed as the county level intangible cultural heritage!According to the records of Wenchuan County, qiang opera gong Lang Zi asking for His Love was performed in the 1950s in Markang of Aba Prefecture and Hongpai Building of Chengdu.The opera tells the story of the helpful qiang youth Gong Lang zi and intelligent and kind su erjie in the sacrifice mountain meeting encounter, know each other and love each other, through the market storm, competition to find a husband and other twists and turns, finally married, in the blessing of relatives and neighbors toward a splendid new life story!The opera “Gong Lang asking for his Loved one” was passed down from generation to generation by the older folk artists in the arduous environment of Wenchuan County, and has become one of the popular folk operas in Wenchuan and Qiang nationality area.Through later artistic creation, it is arranged as qiang opera endowed with new era and new connotation.The drama uses the art of traditional Chinese opera and rap, and integrates the provincial intangible cultural heritage projects “Subusi” (Sacrificial Mountain Club) and “Qiang Push Rod”, as well as the state-level intangible cultural heritage projects “Shibi Singing Classic”, “Red Hanging Custom”, “White Stone Belief” and “Twelve Songs of Wedding”, as well as a large number of county-level intangible cultural heritage projects.The wonderful qiang opera “Gong Lang Son asking for Love” not only shows the characteristics of qiang folk custom and rich culture, but also eulogizes a beautiful love of Qiang people!This Spring Festival, let’s swim in the ocean of intangible cultural heritage and feel the charm of wenchuan intangible cultural heritage!In addition to the wonderful qiang opera wenchuan there are many precious intangible cultural heritage, follow the small tour to find out!Intangible Cultural Heritage Celebration of the New Year · Wenchuan Rich and colorful Intangible cultural heritage to congratulate the Spring Festival, wordless earth show new look!Wenchuan is a vibrant cultural place, where rich cultural heritage is imprinted in every corner. Traditional arts and skills can be seen everywhere. The Intangible heritage culture of Qiang nationality is passed down from generation to generation and keeps growing forever!Sheepskin drum dance (national traditional dance) Sheepskin drum dance is a sacrificial dance inherited from the Shibi culture and art of the Qiang people. It is one of the important carriers of the Shibi culture of the Qiang people and an indispensable form of cultural expression in their life and customs.The rhythm of its dance is characterized by rugged piety. The rhythm of its dance runs through the characteristics of bowing hands and praying and worshiping. The dance is agile, vigorous, intense and has a bright rhythm.In the dance, dancers hold sheepskin drums, bronze bells, copper clappers, shibi god sticks and other props. The sound of drums and bells is interwoven, which is full of serious, tense and enthusiastic atmosphere.The Sharon Lang of the Qiang people is an art form of song and dance of the Qiang people. “Sharon Lang” is evolved from the sacrificial dance. It is called “Sharon Lang” in The Qiang language, which means “sing up, dance up” in Chinese.Its dance form has been passed down from generation to generation, which expresses the national characteristics of qiang people who love life and are enthusiastic and heroic.Qiang people are fond of singing and dancing. They use singing and dancing to express their aspirations and good wishes.Qiang mouth string (traditional provincial music) The qiang mouth string is shaped like a pedal organ articulation reed, only two-thirds the length of the reed.It is a small musical instrument loved by Qiang women. Most of them are made by themselves. When young men and women fall in love, the young man will make a string and give it to the woman to show his trust.Qiang Flute (traditional music at the county level), called “Qi Tari”, “Shiburi” or “Bang” in Qiang language, is an old folk harp musical instrument.When playing, hold the flute in both hands, hold the reed whistle in the entrance, and play with the special “drum cheek breathing method”, the fingering is the same as the flute.The precious intangible cultural heritage shows the mysterious color of Wenchuan culture, and sections of ancient history have been handed down in various ways.In addition to these, there are many intangible cultural heritage in Wenchuan for you to come to feel attentively, slowly taste!This Spring Festival, meet wenchuan together in the ocean of intangible cultural heritage to open a wordless intangible cultural heritage, qiang opera tour to enjoy the charm of wordless Wenchuan traditional culture experience singing and laughing, singing and dancing festival atmosphere!

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