All-star starters: James Durant as captain, no surprise in the Eastern Conference, no. 2 rookie in the Western Conference

Lebron James and Kevin Durant were named captains of the NBA All-Star game on January 28, with no changes to the lineup chosen in the third round of voting.Again, fans accounted for 50 percent of the vote, media and players for 25 percent each, with the first to be voted on average as starters.The Western Conference All-Star team was captained by lebron James, who was selected for the 18th time in his career, tying Kobe Bryant for second all-time with Skyhook’s 19.In addition, it will be the fifth straight year James has been on the All-Star team and will continue to select players he wants.The eastern Conference all-star captain is Durant, this is his career for the 12th time in the All-Star, is also two consecutive years as the all-star captain, but he can play or an unknown, suffered injury is in the injury stage.Eastern Conference All-Star starters: demar derozan, Trey Young, Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Embiid.There was not much suspense at the start of the Eastern Conference, the only thing was Trey Young, harden, lavine two contenders, probably fan voting less than Trey Young, ultimately regret not being selected.In fact, no matter which of the three were selected, they all deserved it and performed well.As for the front three, no one else is a threat to them.West Conference starters: Curry, Morante, James, Wiggins and Jokic.The West still has a big suspense, curry and James at the beginning of the captaincy battle, or James at the end of the last laugh.Morant, Paul and Booker were all eligible, but Morant won the fan vote for the first time in his career.The inclusion of Wiggins in the frontcourt also caused some controversy, people thought he was not qualified to start, but the West was really empty, George and Davis were injured, Kawhi Leonard didn’t play, gobert was not popular, and wiggins was selected to start for the first time all Star.

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