Civilization sacrifice to set up a new fashion of environmental protection

The Spring Festival is coming. It is a traditional custom of the Chinese nation to offer sacrifices to ancestors and remember the dead.On January 31, 29th of the twelfth lunar month, the number of people visiting the tomb area of Huashan community in Liuye Lake tourist resort reached a peak.In order to ensure people sacrifice safety during the Spring Festival of 2022, the sacrifice of safety civilization, green environmental protection atmosphere, by the public security sub-bureau willow willow lake streets, willow lake lake local police station, huashan community with more than 30 staff at the grass-roots level, formed the individual civilization advocated, traffic guidance and emergency team, lead the masses civilization sacrifice, fostering new green environmental sacrifice.On the eve of the Spring Festival, the staff of liuyehu Sub-district office publicized the fireworks ban to every household by setting up display boards, hanging banners, issuing leaflets and wechat group notices.Reporters at the scene to see that most of the people who came here to worship their ancestors can consciously abide by the regulations, without carrying firecrackers.”This year everyone is very conscious, carrying firecrackers is very few, citizens even joke that they will not carry lighters up the mountain!”Liu Ye Lake street office deputy director Li Min said.

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