The female long-term body is cold, hand and foot is icy, what food to eat is better?

The female body is particularly afraid of one thing, is cold and cold, and women are especially easy to be cold invasion, especially when women are young.Some young women in order to be beautiful, in order to show the figure and shape, often should wear more clothes in the season, wear very little, as we often joke: beautiful frozen people.Wear less, cold is easy to invade the human body along the skin, resulting in some sub-health, such as dysmenorrhea, cold body, cool hands and feet.Women with cold body and cold hands and feet, what food to eat is better. Women with cold body and cold hands and feet should often eat more food that can improve their immunity, pay attention to iron, and often eat some warm food.If you want to boost your immune system, don’t skip protein.The immune organs, immune cells and antibodies of the human body are made up of protein. If protein food is not eaten enough, immunity will decline, and the ability to resist cold will be naturally reduced, and it is easier to aggravate the phenomenon of cold body and cold hands and feet.Rich in high quality protein food, such as fish, meat, beans, eggs, milk, can eat some of each meal, each meal about to eat two or two, ensure that meals are not lacking.Often eat food rich in iron, promote blood circulation because women have a monthly menstruation, loss of blood in the process, easy to appear iron deficiency, so women are prone to iron deficiency anemia.Iron deficiency anemia, the amount and speed of hemoglobin synthesis will be affected, the body hypoxia, slow blood flow, decreased immunity and other phenomena.Iron rich foods mainly include animal blood products, liver, red meat, seafood and so on.Animal blood products such as pig’s blood, duck’s blood, animal offal such as pig’s liver, duck’s liver, goose’s liver, red meat such as lean pork, lean beef, lean sheep’s meat, seafood such as Marine fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish, laver seafood.Eating these iron-rich foods at least three times a week in the amount of 50-100 grams can help prevent and relieve iron deficiency anemia, improve microcirculation, and avoid cold hands and feet.Often eat warm food food has cold, hot, warm, cool, flat five, body cold and hands and feet cold women, diet to eat warm food mainly, eat less cold food, warm food with cold, warm meridian, collaterals, Yang and other functions, for improving cold constitution is also very important.There are several kinds of common warm food, nuts walnut, chestnut, pine nuts, longan, lotus seed, the lamb meat, chicken, beef, goose meat, aquatic products of crucian carp, silver carp, carp, eel, river shrimp, food grains of glutinous rice, sweet potatoes, red bean, soybean products, fruit of litchi, longan, peach, jujube, strawberry, cherry, orange,Condiments in wine, vinegar, wine brewing, brown sugar, mustard, fennel, pepper, pepper, black tea, green onion, ginger, garlic, vegetables in leek, lentil, coriander, pepper, pumpkin, garlic.In addition to the diet, the body cold, cold hands and feet of women, but also pay attention to the low temperature when the timely increase of food, pay attention to warm: women do not in order to show the body shape, in the low temperature season to wear too little, to timely add clothes, pay attention to keep warm.Avoid cold foods such as cold drinks and iced beverages.Less air conditioning in summer.

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