He Ziyou: fight the west bandits ma Jiajun, skill comparable to Xu Shiyou, a life to 103 years old

This is to describe the heroine Hua Mulan’s poem, eulogized her father’s heroic spirit to join the army, not lose the men’s bold, brave, resolute and free and easy.Actually, not only ancient time has hua Mulan such heroine hero, since modern times, especially in the period of the War of Resistance against Japan, the heroine of resistance against Japan is more numerous.Generally speaking, the men who fight the enemy are valiant and skilled in battle, but in the modern society full of domestic troubles and foreign invasion, defending the country is not the patent of men.Countless women soldiers just like Hua Mulan joined the army to defend our motherland from foreign invaders.He Ziyou is one of them.He Ziyou was born in a poor peasant family. In that time of war and ruin, food was a problem.There are many children in the home where can not feed so many children, so he Ziyou sent to a wudang school as a servant, the main job is to serve the main house miss.One by one, the two children played together, all day long in the museum to fight, laughter spent a period of calm time.But as He plays with the owner’s daughter, the eagle-eyed owner soon notices that He is no ordinary little girl.This is because the daughter is the master of the library, and when he Ziyou and his daughter slapstick, the master found he Ziyou agile, lively brain, even his daughter is often inferior.So he thought he Ziyou must be a good miao wu, can not bear to let her so when a small servant girl.Love is eager to open the museum owner directly asked he Ziyou would like to follow their own martial arts, he Ziyou know their humble origins, but the heart has been fresh and interesting martial arts deeply attracted.And with her bright eyes she said, “Of course I will!”In this way, the owner of the museum prepared to formally teach he Ziyou martial arts.However, the Wudang school had a rule that martial arts were only handed down to men.So the owner simply recognized he Ziyou as a dry daughter, so more convenient to teach her martial arts.As the saying goes, the disciples of the church starve to death. At the beginning of teaching martial arts, the owner of the museum was still a little worried, so he left a hand.Just in the process of he Ziyou’s martial arts, the museum owner found that this little girl is not only gifted, but also frank and honest, which let the museum owner completely dispel worries, will be lifelong learning “five poisons absolutely hand” have taught he Ziyou.Diligent and studious He Ziyou soon with a good martial arts became the twelfth generation of taihe door descendants, and shortly after, sichuan province’s red armed base was completed, so he Ziyou did not hesitate to join the red Army of workers and peasants to the team.To the base area, he Ziyou is like a fish returned to the sea, a good martial arts finally came into play.In this way, he Ziyou with a good effort for the anti-japanese cause, whether it is captured alive or fight bandits, ruffians hooligans, he Ziyou have made a great contribution.It was not until later that local bandits and ruffians heard of His reputation that they were afraid to make a move.He then joined the Western Route Army of the Red Army of Workers and Peasants, which accounted for two-fifths of the number of The Red Army in China at that time, but encountered more difficulties than he had ever experienced before.They were attacked by the army of Ma Bufang, the “King of the Northwest”, and almost lost their entire army.At such times, the more survivors, the worse the abuse.He Ziyou and her teammates were surrounded by ma Jijun, also with sabre constantly launched a provocation.At the same time, the leader of the Ma Family army found that there were women in this team, so they had bad ideas and wanted to catch them alive.However, what makes him unexpected is that what he faces is not ordinary Red Army, but he Ziyou who bears unique skills.Is ma Jijun’s head of imagination, relax vigilance, he Ziyou a hand down to the horse’s belly.The horse was startled by the wind and fell to the ground.And then overturned the leader on horseback, then he Ziyou took advantage of the chaos directly picked up the road to the Ma Jiajun cut.Soon, three or five of the ma family soldiers who could not respond were seriously wounded and could not get up on the ground.And the horses around them got scared and started running around, not obeying.Taking advantage of the chaos, he Ziyou and her teammates also rushed out of the siege, survived.Also because of this, he Ziyou is known as “He Iron Fist”.Later, He ziyou joined the New Fourth Army. As soon as she came to this big family, her fame startled Xu Shiyou.Who is Xu Shiyou?That is the famous general, shaolin Temple gao Tu, later also served as deputy chief of the General staff and other positions, it can be said that he is the idol in many people’s hearts.Is such a hero, after hearing the name of he Ziyou also naturally wanted to have a try.This battle post does not matter, the soldiers in the army first sat down, one is famous wudang faction of the head, a thunderbolt piercing the ears of the ever-victorious general, the two people’s competition can be imagined how wonderful.So on the day of the competition, the crowd early to the ring around a packed.He Ziyou and Xu Shiyou in the crowd cheers on the stage, a number of rounds has been difficult to win.Originally Xu Shiyou is unyielding, but in the face of such a heroine, he thinks that if the other party was injured that is no gentleman.So after a few rounds of competition, both sides felt happy, Xu Shiyou surrendered and stopped.After all, the competition ended with the two of them becoming close friends. After that, Xu shiyou and He Ziyou often met to drink and play martial arts.Even drinking, he Ziyou and Xu Shiyou are holding a basin a basin to drink, is not not heroic.And he Ziyou let Xu Shiyou surrender to the strength also spread in the army, until today such a rare heroine is also praised by later generations.He Ziyou is a woman, but her behavior, her courage and heroic deeds fully confirmed that “women can hold up half the sky”.Even after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, He Ziyou was still active in the cause of the construction of the new China. She served as the factory director, guided many constructive work, and lived to 103 years old by virtue of her strong body. She was always a heroine in the eyes of the public.In fact, during the war, there was more than one hero like He Ziyou. What we need to remember is not their gender, but their heroic spirit of dying for the country. What we need to remember is that difficult history, and then obtain the courage to move forward.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact deletion!

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