“Macao small gambling king” wash mi Hua, Chen Ronglian, Ji Xiaobo, 3 stacked code behind the female star

As early as November, when The gambling king of Macau had an accident, I wrote a series of articles detailing the fortunes and wives/girlfriends/mistresses of the three big gambling boys in Macao.Very coincidentally, wash rice hua, Chen Ronglian, ji Xiaobo, they 3 individuals are the fold of fortune at Macao young, and like female star, not only hair family history is similar, even taste is close.They’re just different in their own way.Wash rice hua peach news many, with a rich wife, and entertainment “olay girl” Mandy is involved in unclear.Mandy gave birth to four children in five years, and did not step into the house. She did not centralize until a few days before ximihua broke up.His love affairs were on the front page of gossip news every day, making everyone think he was in the entertainment industry.Ji Xiaobo also always is the female star of good entertainment circle this, before deciding formally wu Peici this positive cummer, have no matter to make trouble with respect to gossip, what yacht goes out to travel and so on.Anyway it is to provoke “beauty of 9 body” Wu Peici 5 years even give birth to 4 children, think oneself is about to marry into rich and powerful family, still failed to get a wish eventually.Different from these two, Chen Ronglian is very low-key, he seldom has the gossip, also does not like to play female stars, only married an Yixuan.If it were not for an yixuan’s high-profile display of wealth, I believe that no one knows who he is, and no one is interested in knowing who he is, only that he is an entrepreneur and a rich man.Now it seems that An’s flaunting wealth is not necessarily a good thing, and Wu peici’s status as a single mother is not necessarily a bad thing.Today let me say, the story behind these 3 stacked code boy, see how the last Ji Xiaobo will be.(1) Chen Ronglian had been washed mihua pulled into the water, his accident, from the details of an Yixuan’s life who can think of, once one of the three small gambling king of Macao, De Jin Group president Chen Ronglian, is from Jinjiang, Fujian.Like Washing mihua, Chen Ronglian also went to Macao early to do a stacking code.Only, the former is with “collapse tooth foal”, the latter is with Zhou Jinhui, his mother is the elder sister – Lin Feng e.Lam is the old man next to Stanley Ho, and Chow kam Fai is the adviser to Stanley Ho.At the beginning, let xiamihua and other stacked code children to make a lot of money full of “stacked code lending system”, is exactly the esister and Chau Kam fai in 1988 proposed.Therefore, Chen Ronglian side, with the people are absolutely “root is miao Red”.However, Simihua later defected to Angela Leong, a gambling tycoon, while Chen went to Lui Chih-wo of Galaxy, one of macau’s gambling Kings.About Lv Zhihe, we may be relatively strange, before I have also deeply dig their family background.Interested friends, can also see.The Tecjin Group, founded by Ms Chen in 2007, opened its first VIP lounge in a casino owned by Mr Lui’s Galaxy Entertainment.In September 2020, Chen Ronglian came forward and purchased the shares of Macao Lai Chun Company sold by Chen Wanzhen, a gambling king.The boss behind the deal is None other than Mr Lui.Trees are good for shade.Wash mi Hua, Chen Ronglian and Ji Xiaobo, are stacked code son one’s previous experience, caught up with the good time of Macao gambling industry, smoothly get rich.In June 2021, another person posted a photo of Chen and Ximihua eating and talking on a yacht.The sudden meeting of these two people, who were so far apart from each other, may have explained something on some level, and perhaps had been informed of it.But the most obvious, is the daily life of An Yixuan’s painting style change, has long let people suspect that there is a major change in the home.Since her wedding to Chen Ronglian in Hawaii in 2017, An yixuan’s circle of friends can only be described as inhuman.For example, The large diamond ring on Mr. An’s hand, which pops out from time to time, shines and stands out.After that, it became a routine for An to share gifts during Chinese New Year and festivals.On her 38th birthday, Chen ronglian gave away a diamond necklace worth 15 million yuan.In July 2019, An yixuan gave birth to son 66, and the diamond pigeon egg ring on his toe made headlines in Hong Kong the next day.In addition, Chen ronglian also bought four luxury homes for her, worth 540 million yuan.”All four are single-family villas, each building has four floors, five rooms on each floor, a separate elevator, and each has a private garage that can accommodate five cars and an oversized garden and swimming pool,” it said.For Valentine’s Day 2020, she received a Rolex watch in addition to flowers.In October 2020, An Yixuan gave birth to a daughter.This time, Chen ronglian gave a 20 percent stake in the company, which is actually worth about 1.3 billion yuan.The money of the rich is just a number in our eyes, in hundreds of millions.However, in September 2021, An Yixuan’s birthday, she did not dry the gift for the first time, causing everyone to talk in succession.So, on October 26, an Yixuan celebrated the first birthday of his second daughter by mentioning a 10-carat diamond ring.However, searching the entire video and pictures, can not see the figure of the diamond ring.Perhaps, everything has a clue.Hong Kong film said before, lose not lose, rich jewelry jewelry is indispensable, once the lack of the truth will change, true.On December 3, 2021, The Hong Kong media first broke the news that Chen Ronglian had indeed had an accident.Then came the related indictments.Chen Ronglian directed at the name of the Macao De Jin Group, charges with The washing mihua almost the same.It seems that their business in recent years has long been targeted, but, mostly or high-profile disaster.He’s just a yard boy. He runs a company, where does he get all that money for girls, mansions, diamonds?Perhaps it was the source of the money that was at fault.Not no matter, just not to the time.(2) debt-laden Ji Xiaobo, perhaps no longer out of breath, Wu Peici really should rejoice and Wash mihua, Wu Peici’s boyfriend Ji Xiaobo is also stacked code son.But after the business is big, they extend their tentacles to Southeast Asia and the mainland through the network platform, and make money in disguise by pulling people’s heads and draining them.One takes real money, buys gambling cards and opens casinos in other small countries, pulling its own gambler resources to develop.The business of washing mihua is illegal, because Macao has regulations that only local businesses can be opened, belonging to the kind of enclosure from meng, but he obviously crossed the boundary;And although Ji Xiaobo does not break the law, it is to be playing with fire actually, this is high-risk investment, once fail, do not say to become gambling king, capital chain is broken, call everyday should not answer.Before encountering Wu Peici, the heng sheng company of fokelore Ji Xiaobo, annual profit is about 2 billion.It’s just the tip of the iceberg compared to a gambler, but it’s more than enough for ordinary people.In 2017, he opened a luxury hotel on Saipan named after his mother, the Bohua Pacific Palace, which cost $3.1 billion;Then he paid $25 million to win the Saipan stakes.Hotel opening day, Wu Peici spent 900 million yuan, to her mother-in-law sent a crystal dragon, as the opening ceremony of the gift, once rumored as a joke.Then, Ji Xiaobo took his accumulated gambler resources, chartered a plane to the hotel to open the bet.Originally thought, this is his formal step toward gambling king identity, get rid of the beginning of stacking code son, as a result, it is the source of his career collapse.From now on, the news frequency of ji Xiaobo debt is reported, small to arrears property fee, big to be sued by a friend to repay debts, Wu Peici refutes rumors without stopping, claiming that everything is ok.But selling a house, constantly litigating, is indeed her normal.Then, the Wu Peici that loves high-profile dazzle rich all along, also begin slowly silence rises on social networking platform.Most recently, at her 43rd birthday party.Whether it is painting style, or social circle, are close to many people.Of course, the only thing that won was the pigeon egg on her hand.You want to say, Ximihua and Chen Ronglian this matter, ji Xiaobo is not involved in it, we do not know at present.But the circle is universal, the money is shared, and he does need to make a comeback.Therefore, whether Ji Xiaobo can survive the disaster, and wait for the day to see.(3) The life of the official is not easy, only Mandy is the big winner Of Ximihua in November 2020, ximiao’s painting style began to change.She first mobilized all parties, hoping to “save” her husband after the failure, at home for her husband chanting prayers.After more than 40 days of disconnecting from social media, rice washing sister-in-law suddenly started bringing goods?!And it’s an ear coffee. I don’t know what to say.As a result, wash rice sister-in-law was once speculated that there was a major crisis on the economy, I am afraid that the rich days have long ceased to exist.But what about Mandy Lau, the best chick ever?She had mortgaged a west Mid-Levels mansion in Hong Kong to Lawrence Ho’s Melco group in early November to pay off her debts before the crash.She is still like this, I don’t know how much finishing work Chen hui-ling has to do for Shimihua?Liu Bili stayed with Ximihua for 6 years and gave birth to 4 children in 5 years. After breaking up, she took a breakup fee of 500 million yuan, bought a manor of 250 million yuan and 5 companies, and settled in The UK.Now it seems that not getting married is the best thing for her.After all, all the assets are in her own name, and there is no legal relationship of marriage, there is no need to assume too much debt for him, and there is no trouble of risk sharing.She’s the strongest, toughest mistress in history.And An Yixuan, I’m afraid to step in the footsteps of The rice sister, otherwise, always high-profile flaunting her wealth, how could she have the heart to stop more social dynamics, refused to respond to all information?If she comes back to acting, maybe she can make money again.As to Wu Peici, she disappeared from the scene (tail life) for a long time, believe that Ji Xiaobo’s economic situation should not have been improved, or they have been quietly cut.Anyway, her situation is not so bad.Three fold code son, two have an accident, the third also be in debt, do not know ji Xiaobo next meeting how.But in short, did not marry Wu Peici and Mandy Liu, always have a chance to return to calm.

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