Sprained ankle needs immediate treatment

Zheng Xiaoran, Characteristic Medical Center of strategic Support Force (former 306 Hospital), Medical Science Popularization Center of Outpatient Department Medical Research Department Liu Yan/Cui Yan Editor Daily walking, because of too urgent and carelessly sprain foot everywhere, timely and effective treatment is very necessary, otherwise it is difficult to improve the sprain.So, how to handle ankle sprain correctly, some people may not understand, in this for everyone to explain it.Ice packs reduce local circulation, suppress swelling, and relieve pain.Generally, the acute injury period is within 48 hours after sprain ankle, and appropriate cold compress can be applied.Because cold compress can make anklebone joint and the blood vessel around it contractile, reduce the local hemorrhage that muscle and so on tissue pull causes thereby and inflammatory exudate, stimulative anklebone swelling disperses slowly.Hot compress Hot compress can speed up local blood and lymphatic fluid circulation smoothly, promote congestion and exudate absorption, relieve pain.After 48 hours, if the pain of ankle swelling and heat has disappeared, the sprained area can be applied with appropriate hot compress to promote local blood and lymph return.Pay special attention to the following special circumstances, do not apply cold/hot compress.Such as skin sensory disorders and diabetes patients have nerve damage and decreased sensitivity, so that they are unable to perceive the damage caused by excessive ice in a timely manner.After the necessary examination, the doctor will formulate the diagnosis and treatment plan according to the examination results, and take certain measures to stabilize the ankle joint for 2-3 weeks and protect the injured tissue healing. After 2-3 weeks, the patient can start rehabilitation training, and the patient can follow the guidance of the doctor for treatment.Most sprains are caused by people accidentally injuring their ankles, which can be treated at home if the condition is not serious.Once the disease beyond their own processing category, a little move are painful, need to go to the hospital as soon as possible to take a film examination, see whether fracture and other accidents, so as to take timely treatment measures to prevent aggravation of the condition.(Pictures from Internet)

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