A man in Hunan province caught a 58kg fish in the xiangjiang River and dragged it along the ground

Fishing, as a traditional way of fishing, has lasted for thousands of years in China.What was once a livelihood for fishermen has now evolved into a popular outdoor activity, enjoyed by men and women of all ages.For the true fishing enthusiast, the greatest lure of fishing is the uncharted waters and the thrill of catching a fish.As for how much they can catch, anglers are relatively calm.However, deep in the heart of every fisherman is a lingering dream of being a big fish.Recently, a man in Changsha, Hunan province, accidentally caught a giant fish weighing up to 58 kilograms while fishing in the open air.Changsha, also known as Star City, is the capital of Hunan Province, located in China’s central China, the lower reaches of the Xiangjiang River, the western edge of changliu Basin.Changsha is a subtropical monsoon climate, mild climate, four distinct seasons, abundant rainfall, the territory of large and small rivers crisscrossed, reservoirs, tangyan stars, rich water resources not only bring convenience for people’s production and life, but also bred rich fishing resources, so that the local fishing wind prevailing.The man who caught the big fish is a devout fishing lover, especially in recent years the more popular Lu Ya has a special liking.This time he chose the Great Tuo area of the Xiangjiang River, the largest river in Hunan province.I didn’t know whether it was the resources or the man’s fishing skills. After throwing the pole a few times, a fish bit the hook. With years of fishing experience, the man instinctively realized that this was a big fish.When it was pulled out of the water, it turned out to be a “water tiger” called yellowcheek fish.The man spent more than 40 minutes walking the fish in order to successfully pull the fish out of the water, and finally managed to pull it out with the help of other fishermen.It measured more than one meter long and weighed 58 jin.A fish weighing 50 or 60 kilograms is definitely a big one for freshwater, but it is not really big among yellowcheek fish.However, the man in the fish unexpectedly could not pick it up, in order to successfully take the fish away, the man directly holding a fishing rod in one hand, a hand carrying the yellowcheek fish head dragging on the ground, that scene is a spectacular.Yellowcheek carp, though a top freshwater predator, is an indigenous fish to China and plays an important role in maintaining normal ecological balance, even though it feeds on other fish and is a voracious eater.Along with the protection of ecological environment and fishery resources, an increasing number of yellowcheek carp have been felt by many people, and many huge yellowcheek carp have been found in various places.Feel free to take them home and enjoy them.However, we should be appropriate to obtain, to avoid the waste of resources.According to the insider, fifty or sixty kilograms of wild yellowcheek fish, the market at least 50 yuan per kilogram, Changsha this angler harvest of yellowcheek fish, how also worth 3000 yuan.However, in the context of the ban on fishing in the Yangtze River, selling the fish for profit violates the original purpose of traditional fishing.Suggestion or take home make it delicious food, invite on 35 good friends drink a cup together, is not beautiful zai?Do you like fishing?In the process of fishing, have you encountered fresh memories of the experience, welcome to leave a comment below, and share with you……

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