Concentric war “epidemic” | you are the warm light, little figure, and summed up the xinghai

The spring of 2022 has arrived as promised, but the COVID-19 epidemic is recurring in many places.In the face of the great pressure and challenges brought by the epidemic, all units of COSCO Shipping have made plans in advance, made plans, and improved their capabilities. They have made full use of their resource advantages to jointly fight the epidemic and ensure the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain.Every minute counts. It’s a race against the clock.Solidarity is an unbeatable force.They stick to the front line to ensure that the port and wharf operate as usual all day long;They are in the ship, in the airport, in the road, in every transport site, maintain the logistics channel as scheduled unobstructed;They work from home 24 hours online, adhere to solve problems for customers;They joined the community epidemic prevention “volunteers”, into the national war “epidemic”;They temporarily leave their families under the control of the epidemic firm retrograde, in every “cloud together” to encourage each other, waiting for the spring……As the saying goes, “If you accumulate strength, you will win.”In this war without smoke of gunpowder “epidemic”, they quietly deduce the role of heroes in the ordinary post, with a little glimmer, merged into a sea of stars, condensed into a majestic force.”Zhu Yimin, monitor of Shanghai Pudong International Pier Repair Class.On this day, he had just returned home to Chongming and was still tired when he received a notice that the nearby villages and towns had been closed one after another. His wife, as a medical worker, also responded to the call to support Changxing Island.Stay, or start again?Considering that the home is still in primary school son needs to take online classes, Zhu Yimin let his son “boarding” in the cousin’s home, will continue to put into the dock front-line repair work.For more than a week, the “cloud reunion” over video calls was a special way for the three of them to care for each other.”On March 25, all the berths of Yantian Port were filled with vessels for five consecutive days, including 13-15 ocean liners.Yantian International Terminal is fully operational to ensure the stability of the supply chain.Behind this is the hard work of 900 frontline personnel in key positions at the port.Before Shenzhen pressed the city’s “pause button”, they all moved into temporary accommodation in the port area to avoid infection or lockdown in the community.The company ensures that the team arranges logistics materials such as transportation and food supply as well as fire safety work in advance, and completes the task within 48 hours to make the staff feel at ease in their work.On March 21, shenzhen Yantian International Container Terminal opened the first “Dongguan-Yantian-Hong Kong” sea-rail express line, using the railway container “one to the bottom” mode for the first time, providing a new route for the fast and efficient delivery of supplies to Hong Kong.As of March 24, the Yantian-Hong Kong Express had transported a total of 156,000 tons of cross-border goods.”Not face to face”, still “heart to heart”.On the one hand, the marketing staff of Xiamen Jiyun Quanzhou Branch contacted customers through telephone and wechat “no contact”, and quickly changed from offline visit service to online platform service, communicating and understanding the customer receiving plan of port and related areas of in-transit delivery;On the other hand, we will make sure that the epidemic affects the production capacity and trailer capacity of export factories in the controlled areas, and actively adjust the cargo transportation plan.During the epidemic, national roads in Quangang and its surrounding areas were closed, highway exits were inaccessible, and vehicles from other parts of the city could not enter quangang for loading.In order to effectively solve the impact of the blocked road, Pan-Asia Company opened a new “Fuqing – Xiaocuo – Shihu” branch line transfer path, to solve the local food processing enterprises import food raw materials and other livelihood materials transport, but also for quanzhou region all kinds of products and goods to smoothly in and out of the convenient path.On March 23, with the sound of a long whistle, the “32 Marine Oil supply ship” belonging to Shanghai China Fuel Institute slowly left the “China Merchants Yidun” luxury cruise ship berthing at the north Bund International Passenger Transport Center in Shanghai.At this point, Shanghai CNG successfully completed the fuel filling business of domestic self-owned luxury cruise lines for the first time.In order to successfully complete the task of oil supply during the epidemic, CIMEX has made and revised the supply plan continuously by comprehensively understanding the relevant situation of ships and customers’ demands from various supply chains, such as quality control of oil products, supply process guarantee and epidemic prevention requirements.Meanwhile, various emergency measures have been formulated in response to changes in the epidemic prevention and control situation in Shanghai.During oil supply, all crew members strictly implement the company’s epidemic prevention systems, and standardize the oil supply operation in accordance with the requirements of “zero contact” throughout the whole process.”Late at night, the canteen of Shanghai Pudong International Wharf was brightly lit, and 18 uncles and aunts who were not young were busy with meals all day. Compared with the past, the number of diners increased several times, and it took more time to prepare dishes. In order to avoid centralized meals, packaging also increased the workload.”You’re fed to work!Do logistics support we will not hesitate!”In spite of the epidemic, the city is still busy and orderly, and we can feel the warmth everywhere in the streets. They use their holidays at home and during holidays to join the team of community volunteers to contribute to the epidemic prevention and control work.The strength of each individual may seem weak, but the strength of all of them can form a mighty force to overcome the difficulties together, lighting up every corner of the city. You and I will shine together and the “epidemic haze” will eventually disperse

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