From Gu Ailing’s success to talk about children’s rebellious psychology

Recently, gu Ailing has been the screen bully, no problem with the family’s children.He is not only a world champion, but also an excellent student.Why are their kids so bad?That’s because she has an amazing mother.Her mother Guyan never forced her to do anything, but took her to try all kinds of fun.While playing, she liked it herself.It is said that interest is the best teacher.Her mother Guyan loves sports very much and she is also very good.She was not the kind of parent who pushes their children to struggle for results.She lets her children enjoy the journey and teaches them that enjoyment is more important than the result.Because enjoy the process, do not pay attention to the results, but will appear better results.Today, I saw a kid write about his double parents, and when they sleep, I sleep.When they wake up, I wake up.Stay home. I’m boring you.Go out to play, suspect me to spend money.When I don’t talk, I’m dumb.When I talk, I talk back.Eat and wear only and poor than, study only and good than.You can go blind watching TV.When you play with your cell phone, you go blind.You can’t go blind by reading.Puerile brushwork, everywhere reveals the child to the parents’ dissatisfaction, let me laugh, but deeply reflection.Oneself also is not so?Parents always disrelish the child rebellious, why can the child rebel?Do parents do and say the right thing?What you think is good is really good for the child?It is said that children are the mirror of their parents, and what kind of parents there are, there are what kind of children.If there’s something wrong with the child, it’s the parents.Gu was asked what was her mother’s biggest advice to her?She said to live for herself.Most parents, on the other hand, want their children to fulfill their unfulfilled dreams and treat them as an extension of their own lives.Do not respect the choice of children, just in accordance with their own preferences imposed on the will of children, children do not rebel.The swallow said to the child, let the child grow up do not thank her, you do not owe me, and in return she would thank the child.And what do most of us parents do?Many parents say to their children, “I save my clothes, diet and hardships for you.”Think of your child as an investment, with high hopes for a return.Even though the child has made progress, he is still not satisfied and always compares himself to a better child.But Guyan would never do that. She told her children not to compare themselves with others.She says we love something not because we want to do it better than anyone else, but because we love it.We love a sport not to beat others, but to challenge ourselves.After summarizing the secret of Gu Ailing’s success, she only focused on herself, tried to do her best, broke through herself and became the best of herself. By the way, a good result emerged and she became the world champion.So children are not tube out, what kind of parents make what kind of children.If you want your child not to be rebellious, please give your child more love and companionship.Since Gu fell in love with skiing, Gu Yan drives gu eight hours every weekend to take her to the club for training.It took eight hours on the way alone, not to mention the children’s training time, and directly insisted on more than ten snow seasons.That’s impressive. Ask every parent to ask themselves, who has ever spent so much time with their children on weekends?And even with company, what do we do?Have the patience and kindness to respect your child’s wishes?There is no point in forcing your child to accompany you if you are just beating and scolding.Why does the child rebel?Why are there so many problem children?In fact, the origin of the parents here, I really hope that all parents are good to learn from Gu Ailing’s mother Guyan.Do not blindly blame the child rebellious, every parent to find more reasons from their own body.Raising children for old age is an old concept, and as times change, so does the concept.We need to be a new generation of parents, don’t kidnap children with morality, give them more respect, let them choose their own life.The child came into this world only through us. His life does not belong to us.All we parents need is respect and companionship, and unconditional love and warmth.Wish every child can grow up happily, grow up happily, according to their own preferences, enjoy a happy life.After 70 years of science and technology female, changle county writers association member, deputy senior mechanical engineer, now the company to do quality management.Spare time like reading, writing, yoga, practice.Has published more than one million words on the network platform, and become a contract author.I would like to make more like-minded teachers and helpful friends, and I hope I can meet a better myself tomorrow.

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