Dandong: The implementation of “silver talents Project” to help revitalize and develop

Reporter CAI Xiaohua reported, “Every festival, the organization came to visit, last year I also got the housing monetization subsidy, the party and the government never forget us these old comrades!”Referring to the implementation of the treatment guarantee, shi Guiling, a 93-year-old retired cadre in Dandong, said excitedly.In recent years, Dandong city to the Party building as the lead, focus on the retired cadres to optimize the party building brand, the implementation of the “silver talent project”, improve the efficiency of service management, effectively stimulate the enthusiasm of the old cadres to take the initiative, promote the retired cadres to achieve new results.In 2021, the Organization Department of Dandong Municipal Committee (Bureau for Senior Cadres) won the title of National Advanced Collective for Senior Cadres.Party construction in the city of dandong city will be retired cadres at the primary level overall layout, plan and deployment, and the propulsion, and the appraisal, by deepening “branch power, red maple action” party building brand creation activity, summarizes the promotion of donggang “double build double tube double” approach, zone “ShenChuanXing party branch execution of work experience,”We will lead and improve the overall quality of party building work for retired officials in all regions and units.Through the construction of shared positions for Party building activities, the city integrates 28 regional Party and mass service centers, 189 community Party and mass service stations and 766 community Party and mass service stations and other high-quality resources to provide activity venues for retired cadres’ Party branches and ensure retired cadres to participate in activities nearby.Dandong also carried out a special campaign to improve the quality of information construction for retired cadres, carried out special training for the city’s veteran cadres, improved the ability to use the information platform to carry out work, and realized dynamic management of party fee collection, learning materials receiving and receiving.The classified establishment of retired cadres work wechat group, family groups, at any time to understand the veteran cadres “urgent and anxious” problems, the first time to solve.Solve the difficult points in the treatment and security of veteran cadres, effectively solve the problems left over from history, such as state-owned enterprises with difficulties and conversion enterprises defaulting on the heating fees of retired cadres, and the unclear ownership of management rights of retired cadres in some enterprises. Raise funds of nearly 300 million yuan to implement the city’s monetary housing subsidies for retired cadres.In the implementation of the “Silver Talents Project”, Dandong gave full play to the exemplary and leading role of outstanding representatives of local retired cadres, such as Sun Jingkun, winner of the “July 1 Medal” and an old hero who fought against the United States and assisted Korea, and led more veteran cadres to play an active role in poverty alleviation and caring for the next generation.The project of “Silver-haired Talents for Revitalization” has been carried out, and 15 provincial and 42 municipal workstations for senior experts have been built to carry out theoretical publicity and technical guidance on village-level collective economic development.It has carried out the project of “Strengthening governance of silver-haired talents” and set up 19 volunteer service teams for veteran cadres to solve practical problems for the masses.The “Grey Talents Protect Young People” project has been implemented, and the advantages of the “five elderly people” have been taken into full play. Wechat classes of “Ideological and Political Courses for children” have been opened, with more than 680,000 primary and secondary school students and their parents participating.

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