The Municipal Market Regulator released its work plan for 2022 to promote high-quality development through efficient market governance

In 2021, 527,000 market entities were newly established, with a total of 3.195 million market entities. The daily number of newly established enterprises and 1,000 enterprises remained the country’s leading number.Last year, the overall qualified rate of food sampling inspection reached 99.7 percent, the food safety knowledge level reached 87.3 points, and the food safety satisfaction level reached 88.9 points, all three indicators reaching the best level.Last year, 99.7 percent of Shanghai’s drugs, 97 percent of medical instruments and 96.9 percent of cosmetics passed spot checks.There was not a single major food and drug safety incident, special equipment and product quality safety incident.Shanghai’s market regulator today released the full report card for 2021 and also revealed its work plan for the Year of the Tiger.This year, the municipal market supervision department will plan various works of the market supervision subsystem based on the giant system of Shanghai mega city, and use the service-oriented supervision concept to comprehensively grasp the relationship between the government and the market, development and safety, palliative and root cause, and accelerate the construction of a new pattern of modern market governance with large market, large quality and large supervision.To serve the overall situation of high-quality economic and social development of Shanghai at a higher and deeper level.To optimize the business environment, systemic, universality, forward-looking policy supply Regulatory authority at the start of this year, the city market to release some measures to develop the market main body, 32, in developing market main body of institutional research, including continue to optimize the environment of market access, introduced Yangtze delta electronics business license “do” a validation, netcom,Industrial product license, low risk food production license notification commitment system, electronic license and food business license electronic certificate linkage application.Reporters learned that the market supervision bureau this year will highlight systematic, universal benefits, forward-looking policy supply.Then, Shanghai will be further compressed market main body registration deadline, raise an enterprise name approval rate, promote the reform of food production and operation license, quality, and the synergistic capacity to speed up the medical apparatus and instruments for examination and approval of the review, we will improve the mechanism of “free net phone” special interregional migration window, to implement relevant policies and measures to promote the development of individual and industrial and commercial door,We will move forward with the reform of the registration and confirmation system for commercial entities in Pudong and explore the cancellation of the undertaking system.At the same time, Shanghai will also focus on increasing the supply of market entities such as enterprise names and residences, promote the orderly and free flow of market entities, and smooth access and exit channels for market entities.This year, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau will deepen institutional innovation, unify the registration standard, process and mode of market subjects, promote the integration construction of market supervision in the Yangtze River Delta in depth, and promote the development of regional unified market.Not long ago, the 2022 Shanghai municipal practical projects for the people released, this year, the implementation of food and beverage “Internet + bright kitchen stove” project, 38 existing road pedestrian Bridges for the city to install 10 projects such as elevators.This year, the market supervision bureau will focus on people’s livelihood, promote the implementation of a number of people’s projects, constantly improve the safety of food, drugs, industrial products and special equipment, and guard the bottom line of no major safety accidents, said the relevant person in charge of the market supervision department.Uphold the bottom line, but also promote high-quality industrial development.It is reported that last year, Shanghai has established the municipal artificial intelligence local standardization Committee, the new cultivation of “Shanghai standard” 11, “Shanghai brand” certification of products and services a total of 154, approved the national market supervision system science and technology innovation base 2, the new national and municipal industrial measurement and testing center 3.This year, Shanghai will further implementation of “Shanghai standardization development plan of action, make an outline plan in Shanghai” the quality of power construction, kechuang areas, “3 + 6” key industries, promoting major common technology, key core technology research and development and standard for synchronization in, cultivate a group of countries, industrial metrology testing center and quality inspection center of Shanghai,We will improve the cooperation mechanism for quality certification under the Belt and Road Initiative, improve the standard system that promotes high-quality development in Shanghai, strengthen one-stop quality infrastructure services, and help enterprises expand overseas markets.Since last year, the Market Supervision Bureau launched the minor violations of laws and regulations exempt list 2.0 version, several measures to improve the construction of the credit system and other measures, so that market subjects feel the temperature of the law enforcement.Reporters learned that this year, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau will further deepen the inclusive and prudent supervision with temperature, and coordinate the innovation of early warning supervision, precision supervision, credit supervision, socialized supervision and other methods, to achieve the goal of “keeping the bottom line of the regulation, the regulation of the standard release, good regulation to promote development”.”Shanghai will further improve the level of point-and-point precision supervision this year.”A person in charge of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau said that Shanghai will strengthen the regulatory supply of new forms and new models of business, compliance guidelines, exemption from punishment and strong policies, timely research, early warning, disposal of new areas, new problems.At the same time, the system to carry out “woodpecker physical examination”, “consultation and appointment reminder”, “training and education guidance” and other multidimensional service measures, tube early treatment without disease.The data show that the digitalization of market supervision has achieved remarkable results, with more than 1.8 billion food tractable data of 44 varieties in 11 categories, more than 140,000 uploaded data of unique identification of medical devices, and more than 42,000 elevators connected to remote monitoring.This year, market regulators will improve the level of early-warning supervision in an innovative way, and make further use of big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technologies to accurately identify and solve problems.Exploration on the basis of credit supervision of the new supervision mechanism, market supervision bureau has released in early February on perfecting the credit system construction support enterprises in the development of high quality measures “, on the one hand, according to different enterprise’s credit status differentiation regulation measures, on the other hand, perfecting credit repair mechanisms and relief channel, convenient repair, linkage repair.It is reported that last year, the “two random, one open” enterprises random inspection, all based on the ratio of credit rating, the inspection of 123,000 market entities.Nearly 700 cross-department spot checks were conducted, 1.7 times more than the previous year, and more than 6,400 credit checks were conducted by multiple departments.Author: Xu Jinghui Editor: Zhang Tianchi Responsible editor: Rong Bing

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