The old farmer chats on the street, be picked up suddenly by person special plane go to Beijing, the clothes have not changed into general

In the autumn of 1978, the streets of Changchun were as busy as ever.In the crowd, an elderly man in simple clothes was chatting with an old friend, and the occasional passers-by looked respectful when they saw him, which showed that the old man was very popular here.In the midst of all this gaiety, a young man suddenly stopped him and said that someone was waiting for him, someone from the centre.The old man did not react at first, but just followed the young man straight ahead, saying it was not too late to change clothes before going.When he got to the place, the old man found a plane waiting there.As soon as the bearer saw him, he immediately came forward and shook his hand excitedly, explaining the purpose of his visit: the central government would pick him up.Who is this old farmer?Why did the central government send a special plane to take him to Beijing?What is his untold story?This man was Hong Xuezhi, who was born in 1913 in a small village in Shuanghe Town, Jinzhai County, Anhui Province.His poor family made him understand responsibility very early.In his childhood, there was not much reading time, but more hard work.This sensible also let him later in the battlefield tenacity clinking, become a member of the enemy terrified.With the departure of his father, young Hong Xuezhi gradually had the idea to make a career.At the age of 17, he learned that the Red Army is a just and brave team fighting for the people.The red-blooded Hong was deeply moved, so he did not hesitate to join the team led by the Communist Party.The Red Army is learning in the Red Army team, the young hong Xuezhi with his own efforts, step by step from a soldier into a guerrilla can lead a small captain.With a quick mind, he was also well suited to guerrilla tactics, especially during the shangnan Uprising of 1929.In 1929, in order to fight against the brutal violence of the reactionary forces in southern Shangshang, the Communist Party of China decided to launch an uprising in shangluoma Special area.On May 6, taking advantage of bad weather and night, the enemy relaxed their guard and our party began a careful operation.On the night of the shangnan uprising, guerrilla groups led by Hong Xuezhi and others first infiltrated the local landlords’ compounds.The guerrillas opened the granaries of the landlords, giving the underground party an opportunity to fire the first shot of the uprising, and it was not long before the uprising was declared a success.This experience let Hong Xuezhi heart buried a red seed.At that time, the conditions were very difficult, and the guerrillas had to fight several battles a day and often had to sleep outdoors.But his faith was more important than anything else. Instead of shrinking back, he devoted himself more seriously to the revolutionary cause.In the Red Army period of The Su Clam campaign, the then long machine gun Hong Xuezhi was urgently transferred to the front line, the charge.In this campaign, in order to increase the odds of victory, Hong Xuezhi took the lead and rushed in front.But before he could lie down, the enemy shot him first. A bullet hit him in the chest, went through his lung, and blood gushed out, and his consciousness became blurred.In a blur of consciousness, Hong xuezhi accidentally stepped on the ground and rolled down the hillside, unconscious.After hong was rushed to the hospital, the blood in his lungs had congealed into blood clots, affecting his breathing, and he would have died of shock if left untreated.But at that time, the facilities are simple, the medical industry is not developed, doctors are helpless.Hong Xuezhi is in time bit by bit when the past, things turned a corner.One of the prisoners spoke, and it turned out that he was the enemy’s medic.In order to avoid killing himself, he took out some western medicine and gave It to Hong Xuezhi.Strange to say, hong soon regained his senses after taking the medicine.Although he was still weak, he was relieved to wake up.Back home, ill in bed Hong Xuezhi did not idle, he began to think, their next road should be how to go.After much thought, he felt that the revolutionary cause could not be slackened, even if it was to die in the struggle against the enemy.Therefore, Hong Xuezhi left his hometown again after recovering a little. He returned to the army and chose to shed blood for his country.He started the Long March in 1935 as the head of the army’s political department. His main job was to build contacts with the masses and support the rear of the Red Army.During this period, Hong made great contributions to the red Army’s logistics reserve by reaching out to the masses and winning the hearts and minds of the people.On the road of the Long March, because of the difficult environment and geographical conditions, many soldiers have different degrees of injury.Especially in the blackwater, reed flower zone, the sudden increase in the number of wounded made the supply of provisions more strained.If we follow the usual methods, we might be able to rely on local people to solve the problem, but this time it is different.Hong xuezhi and his comrade-in-arms because of historical reasons, the black water, Luhua area is a gathering place of ethnic minorities.The tribal scene here is very serious, and it is still ruled in primitive ways.In addition, the reactionaries made it difficult for the Red Army to establish a good mass base with the local people.In order to solve the pressing problem and overthrow the reactionaries, Hong Decided to abandon the policy of persuasion he had always followed and attack the enemy directly.He led his soldiers through the mountains, built several stockades supported by the reactionaries, and collected tens of thousands of jin of grain and a large number of cattle and sheep.These materials ensured the smooth northward march of the Red Army and ensured the supply of materials for the Red Army. Even Comrade Liu Shaoqi praised him and admired him.Hong xuezhi just because too much work, his physical condition gradually appeared problems.After a rescue mission during the Long March, Hong passed out after spending too long in the snow to keep warm.The doctor tried many things, but he remained unconscious, and if it were not for a heartbeat, everyone thought he was going to leave.At this time, they heard dozens of kilometers away there is a superb old doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine.With the last glimmer of hope, his subordinates invited the old doctor to come over. Under his conditioning, Hong Xuezhi slowly opened his eyes and escaped again.This experience frequently appeared in his later years, after all, in a sense, the Long March also saved his life.After the end of the Long March, the three main armies met smoothly.In November 1940, the Northern Soviet Campaign broke out, Hong Xuezhi led the anti-japanese university headquarters in central China to send a large team to the front.Under the heavy blockade of the enemy, Hong Xuezhi successfully crossed six provinces, arrived in Jiangsu Yancheng new Fourth Army headquarters.Not only that, more amazing is that, under his leadership, the whole team without a loss of staff, all back.This outstanding achievement earned Hong a personal interview with Liu Shaoqi and Chen Yi, who expressed high praise for his actions.In order to explore his potential, Chen Yi also appointed him as the vice president of the Fifth branch of The University of Resistance. With their joint training, he also cultivated a large number of outstanding cadres for the New Fourth Army at that time.In the summer of 1941, he was ordered to cover the safety of the New Fourth Army and the fifth branch school of resistance.In October of the same year, he served as commander of the Yanfu Military Region of the New Fourth Army, resuming his old career and establishing many learning teams.During this period, he trained a large number of military cadres and laid a good talent foundation for the local military base.In 1942, the war situation became more and more intense, yanfu area also attracted the first cold wave, generally this extreme weather, the enemy would not go out.Then Hong Xuezhi is taking advantage of this gap, lead his subordinates to annihilate the traitors, puppet more than 1400, ruthlessly hit the Japanese Wolf son ambition.This great victory, so that the armed forces of Yanfu area increased substantially, the armed forces once developed to more than 5,000 people, soon became the backbone of the local army.Three years later, the strength of our army has been very strong, Hong Xuezhi was also transferred to the new Fourth Army third Division deputy commander.In order to consolidate the northeast base area and the subsequent development, Huang Kecheng and his troops marched into the Northeast.With one clench of his teeth, he dredged the railway from Chengde to Western Liaoning under extremely difficult conditions, ensuring the timely transportation of soldiers and cadres in the station.Of course, Hung’s path to victory goes far beyond that.In February 1947, Hong was promoted again and became deputy commander of Liaoxi Region.As soon as he took office, he faced a tough battle: Chiang’s army was preparing to launch a third attack on the Linjiang area in south Manchuria.In order to win the battle, our troops decided to move in batches, attacking first from Chiang Kai-shek’s chengzi Street and breaking through Chiang kai-shek’s defensive strategy in all directions.Hong Xuezhi’s task is responsible for the siege of the city street garrison.As soon as he received the order, Hung immediately ordered the soldiers of the six columns in charge of him to rush to Chengzi Street at a speed of 60 kilometers a night and join up with the other teams at the least speed.But the enemy is too cunning, before they start, a hasty news came down: the enemy has discovered our army’s plan, they are very likely to escape tonight or tomorrow night, in order to speed up the fight, the organization decided to attack the next afternoon.This arrangement is also to wait for another unit to join up, after all, there is strength in numbers.The odds may be better if we wait one more night, but sometimes surprises are more unexpected than planned.When the 49th regiment of the 6th column, 17th Division, reached the west side of Seongzi Street, the soldiers found the road filled with enemy troops — preparing to flee.Hong Xuezhi inspection troops in order to suppress the enemy, do not let them slip away, Hong Xuezhi did not have time to ask superiors, they directly ordered the shooting to stop the enemy.The sound of guns also led to the ambush on the other side of the soldiers, flanked on both sides, jiang’s army had no room for maneuver, had to turn back to the city street.The next day, the East general artillery 1 regiment and 2 regiment came, multi cooperation, the war is on the verge of breaking out.On the third day, before afternoon, the two sides were engaged in a fierce battle.On the fourth day, under our fierce attack, the enemy troops were soon defeated. So far, the six columns led by Hong Xuezhi killed more than 1500 enemy troops in the chengzi street battle alone.This victory greatly increased the momentum of our army. Under the momentum, the troops led by Hong Xuezhi successfully contained the enemy’s attack in several battles such as attacking Tongliao and defending Siping.It ensured the safety of liaoxi region and severely weakened the arrogance of the enemy.After the founding of new China, Hong Xuezhi did not end his mission, the arrival of anti-American aid, let him go to the battlefield again.Right now is the Chinese people’s volunteer army deputy commander of him, became peng Dehuai commander’s right-hand man, in order to assist the volunteer army better into the war.He was constantly shuttling between departments to make sure the army was organized.With his help, the first to five campaigns against the United States and aid Korea achieved good results.What he did effectively lightened peng Dehuai’s burden, made the leaders of the campaign have more energy to contend with the enemy, and indirectly or directly improved the operational efficiency and increased the coordination between the troops.In ending the war against the United States and aiding Korea, his heroic performance was highly appreciated by the leaders of the two countries, and he was successively awarded one first-grade national flag medal and two first-grade Medal of Freedom and Independence of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.After returning to China, Hong Xue-zhi (first from left) was honored with the rank of general at the ceremony in 1955. This rank is not only a proof of his excellence, but also his love for the motherland.In 1977, after the ups and downs of the People’s Republic of China, Hong returned to uniform and was elected as a member of the Central Military Commission and director of the National Defense Industry Office.And the beginning of the scene, is the Central Military Commission to take him back to the post.Even in such a high position, he never used his power for personal gain.Because he knew how the people came out of the depths of hardship, he knew how hard-won the founding of the new China.Hong Xue-zhi not only for himself, but also for his family.A blanket from the Battle of Siping, which he used until his son Hong Hu got married in 1968.Later, unable to bring anything of value, he washed the blanket and gave it to his son and daughter-in-law.The son and his wife understood their father, and they admired his simplicity and bravery.Even the staff around him praised his simplicity. According to the staff, Hong only had two pairs of leather shoes, which he had worn for 30 years.Even so, he still cherish very much, except for important activities he will wear these two pairs of leather shoes, ordinary office and home he only wear cloth shoes.Hong Xuezhi is holding Hong Hu not only simple style of life, Hong Lao on weekdays in the reception is also very kind, there is no leadership of the shelf, still like others to joke, even if go abroad is no exception.In the 1980s, Hung first set foot in the United States at the behest of the state, and his humor quickly became familiar with those around him.An American general beside him was also very interested in him, especially after hearing his outstanding achievements in battle. He asked, “General Hong, which university did you graduate from?”Hong smiled and said, “I graduated from your American military academy.”Hong xuezhi’s visit to the United States aroused the curiosity of all the people here. After all, everyone knew where Hong Xuezhi went to college.But why did he answer that?Sure enough, the general next to the United States was curious and asked which military academy he graduated from.Old Hong said, “I graduated from your Air Force university in the United States.”After hearing this, the American soldiers were stunned and immediately understood what Hong meant. They also laughed. It turned out that they were talking about the Korean War more than thirty years ago.In addition to ice and snow, there were deadly floods on the Korean battlefield.In the same year, a severe flood happened in the north of Korea, which damaged a large number of railways and roads, making it impossible to keep up with the supplies in time.When the U.S. military saw this, they thought that god was helping them.But they don’t know that there is a saying in China: Man can conquer nature.Under the leadership of Hong xuezhi, hundreds of thousands of volunteers worked day and night for 25 consecutive days to repair the damaged transport lines.When we fight with the flood, the American army prepared a cruel plan – killing war.They used their rich air resources to bomb our railways, Bridges and roads.To deal with this situation, Hong would set up anti-aircraft outposts along important transportation routes.A sentry post is usually composed of six men. Whenever an enemy plane appears, they will whistle to warn other soldiers.This approach maximizes the effectiveness of the confrontation with the enemy and protects our transport lines.Under his leadership, the material transport line of our army became a steel transport line that could not be bombed or beaten, and even the American army admired it.It was because of that war that Hong’s ability was highly demonstrated and he became a shining star in China’s military history.In order to carry forward his deeds, hong’s name appeared again in the honours list in 1988.The two awards are not only unique in the history of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, but also an affirmation of Hong’s behavior.Hong Xuezhi stepped forward when the motherland was in danger. He devoted his youth and life to the motherland and the people.After all, the medal itself does not shine, but when the hero’s name is on it, its glory shines even more brightly!It is because of thousands of rays of light like Hong Xuezhi that our country can break through the gray and shine again in the most difficult times.

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